require GTK+ >= 3.14, drop GTK+2 code and --with-gtk build option #118

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monsta commented May 26, 2016 edited

@flexiondotorg @clefebvre @raveit65 @posophe @XRevan86 @willysr @obache @NP-Hardass

Next one... now we move mate-terminal to GTK+3:

  • minimum GTK+ version is set to 3.14
  • GTK+2 code is dropped (still need to fix deprecations in GTK+3 code though)
  • old VTE code is dropped too - we support only VTE >= 0.38, with VTE API 2.91
  • --with-gtk build option is dropped as well
  • build-deps on GTK+ and VTE dev packages are changed (that's what you need to do in your distros)

For example, in Debian/Ubuntu build-deps are changed as follows:
libgtk2.0-dev -> libgtk-3-dev
libvte-dev -> libvte-2.91-dev

Also this PR makes mate-terminal independent of libmate-desktop (or else we couldn't move it to GTK+3 alone), so you can drop build-dep on it as well. However, it was achieved at the cost of introducing build-dep on libdconf, so you should add it.

Please note that runtime dependencies on schemas from mate-desktop (org.mate.interface) and gnome (org.gnome.system.proxy) are still needed.

raveit65 commented May 26, 2016 edited

Do i need this runtime requires to mate-desktop?

# needed to get a gsettings schema, rhbz #908105
Requires:      mate-desktop-libs
Requires:      gsettings-desktop-schemas

I know gsettings-desktop-schemas from gnome is needed.


ok, got it,
runtime requires to mate-desktop gsettings and gnome schemas are needed, see mentioned rhbz report.


I just switched to gtk3 for upcoming f24 😉

monsta commented May 27, 2016

Yes, forgot to mention that runtime deps on schemas are still needed, thanks. I've updated the first post.

monsta commented May 27, 2016 edited

@flexiondotorg @clefebvre oops, runtime dep on gsettings-desktop-schemas was missing in our debs, so I've added it in mate-desktop/debian-packages@b8f2d0b. It's not related to the changes in this PR, it can be added in 1.14 safely 😄

@monsta monsta merged commit b2919d2 into master Jun 1, 2016
@monsta monsta deleted the dev-gtk3-migration branch Jun 1, 2016

But schemas are a runtime dependency, so it can only be added to packages in distros...

Are the runtime deps documented somewhere?


Good question. You can probably check Debian packaging files for that... the repository is here, see debian/control files in each package's subdir.

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