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Latest commit 0268271 @szesch szesch "Removed ChangeLog"
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atril evince => atril
bzrplugins fix incorrect fsf addresses.
cajaburn fix incorrect fsf addresses.
distro/archlinux remove distro/ubuntu and
docs remove mateprint
examples remove mateprint
marco removed autogenerated files
mateapplet removed autogenerated files
matedesktop remove matevfs occurrence
matekeyring removed autogenerated files
matewnck port to matewnck
tests fix incorrect fsf addresses.
AUTHORS updated version to 1.1.0
COPYING evince => atril
COPYING.LGPL moved from mate-extra
INSTALL.WAF moved from mate-extra remove mateprint
NEWS removed mediaprofiles
README remove mateprint
acinclude.m4 moved from mate-extra update for MATE 1.2 moved from mate-extra bump version to 1.5.0
generate-ChangeLog moved from mate-extra moved from mate-extra fix incorrect fsf addresses. moved from mate-extra
py-compile moved from mate-extra
waf moved from mate-extra
wscript evince => atril


This package contains a few python modules that used to live in mate-python-extras:

  - mateapplet
  - matewnck
  - cajaburn
  - marco

Note: this branch requires a special branch of WAF:
This WAF version can be retrieved by this command:

$ bzr co lp:~gjc/waf/cmd waf-cmd

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