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Software development kit and platform simulator
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Mategame Software Development Kit

Software development kit and platform simulator for the Mategame.

The Mategame is an open software and open hardware kit based initially in Hackvision, Arduino and TVout. We aim to make it possible to build everything, from coding to assembling in a DIY way manner, in your "kitchen table" as it were.

Official Project Description:

Features of this SDK

  • Documentation on the API functions
  • Examples of how to program for the Mategame Hardware
  • Mockvision: a "simulator" for your games.
    • It's actually a method of compiling Arduino sketches using the TVout, Controllers and other libraries as x86 applications
  • Makefiles and project files to help bootstrap your project
  • Hardware Peripherals specification and APIs

Example source code

There are many examples in the examples folder. Most of them are taken from here, but we'll be putting up some games and utility libraries.

You can look at the source code and the makefiles to get started on your own projects.


  • SDL and SDLMixer
  • Arduino IDE and avr toolchain
  • arduino-mk (if you want to use 'make upload' your projects into your Arduino board)

Building your own code

You'll have to config some stuff to get it going, at least setting the TARGET variable as the name of your '.ino' (or '.pde') file.

See the Makefile on the root folder or see each project in the examples directory to get a sense for it.

There are two commands provided by this Makefile:

make mock

    Compiles the sketch into a x86 program using SDL for graphics and sound

make upload

    Compiles the skecth for the Arduino and uploads it

Hardware schematics


Hardware Peripherals



Known Issues

  • Framerate and tv.delay need to be reworked
  • Lot's of uninplemented functions
  • More documentation and translate into different languages


  • Draw a window showing Arduino input/output ports
  • Port to Processing and integrate into Arduino IDE
  • Integrate joysticks and nunchuck into the simulator
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