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This is archive manager with curses interface. Have you ever wanted to create an archive quickly without using help pages in the process for all the command line switches? Well here comes the tarman, it has only two command line options:

  • --help or
  • path to archive or directory

At first it was meant to be only for tar archives (hence the name), but support for other archives does not hurt. Dependencies are:

  • libarchive-dev
  • python-libarchive
  • Python 2.7 (or Python 2.6)

It supports archives that are manageable with libarchive.

For now it supports:

  • file browser
  • one-level browsing of supported archives
  • extraction of files
  • create archive option

Install from PYPI

pip install tarman


bin/tarman some/directory/

Key bindings

Key bindings are listed in HELP window, you can access it by pressing h or ? key.


Install of development version

It is very recommended to install it to virtualenv.

git clone git://
virtualenv --no-site-packages tarman
cd tarman/
bin/pip install .


git clone git://
virtualenv --no-site-packages tarman
cd tarman/
bin/python develop

bin/python test  # to run tests