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Ads Blocker Detector

Complex ads blocker detection util

  • user can set message in one or more languages
  • user can display one or all defined messages
  • user can remove content and display only message
  • user can decide for internal or external CSS usage
  • user can only detect ads blocker and use own action
  • user can set own autostart timer, default time is 1s

How to use Ads Blocker Detector

<script src="path\to\adsblockerdetector.js"><script>

Configure Ads Blocker Detector via _abc.set(property, value). You will have 1 second time for own configuration. After 1s Ads Blocker Detector starts work. You can change this timer via configuration.

If you find a bug, please report it.

User can style default message via abd-message CSS class.


jQuery library is required.

Version 2.0

_abd.init(); // runs Ads Blocker Detector

timeout was increased to 1.5s (mobile devices latency problem)


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