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Skeleton for a simple NPM Package with ES2015 support and CI already configured.
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Skeleton for a simple NPM Package with ES2015 support and CI already configured.

Pre-configured development tools

Pre-configured CI tools

Getting started

  1. Add this project as skeleton remote:
mkdir my-project && cd my-project
git init
git remote add skeleton
git remote set-url skeleton --push "Error: skeleton remote is read-only" # Disable pushing on skeleton
git config remote.skeleton.tagOpt --no-tags # Disable fetching tags on skeleton
git remote add origin <YOUR GIT REPOSITORY URL>
git pull skeleton master --no-tags
git push -u origin master
  • Set initial version (ex: 0.1.0) in package.json
  • Set scriptName in config of package.json for umd builds.
  1. Replace the following occurrences
  • matejsvajger/npm-package-foundationyour repo slug
  • npm-package-foundationyour project name
  • package-foundationyour NPM package name
  • Matej Svajgeryour name
  • hello@matejsvajger.comyour public email address
  • https://matejsvajger.comyour website
  1. Import project in CI tools:
  1. Add the following environment variables in your new Travis CI project's settings:
  • NPM_AUTH_TOKEN: NPM authentication token, used for automatic NPM releasing. See documentation.
  1. Cleanup by removing all documentation related to the skeleton.


Automatic releasing process

Note: you can try this process safely by releasing an "alpha" version. Ex: 0.1.0-alpha.2

  • Update the package version in package.json (ex: 1.2.1), commit it, and push it.
  • Tag the previously created commit (ex: v1.2.1), and push it (git push --tags).
  • Travis build runs on tagged commit
  • New package version is automatically released after tests have passed


This project is released under MIT License.

Note: the content after this is the actual package documentation (to be edited after cloning).


Latest Stable Version Build Status NPM Downloads

dependencies Status Test Coverage API Documentation


Prerequisites: Node.js 8+, npm 3+.

npm install --save package-foundation



var xxx = require('package-foundation').default;


import xxx from 'package-foundation';


Please refer to the guidelines for contributing.

devDependencies Status



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