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#ifndef MAT_CMT_H
#define MAT_CMT_H
#include <inttypes.h>
#define CMT_MAXTASKS 2
struct cmt_task
uint16_t sp; /**< stack pointer */
uint16_t tp; /**< task proc */
uint16_t d; /**< ticks left to sleep */
uint16_t minsp; /**< min detected task's SP */
struct cmt_mutex
uint8_t ot; /**< owning task */
uint8_t ac; /**< acquire count */
void cmt_delay_ticks(uint16_t d);
uint8_t cmt_setup_task(void (*task_proc)(void), uint16_t task_sp);
void cmt_tick(uint8_t ms);
uint16_t cmt_minsp(uint8_t task_num);
uint8_t cmt_try_acquire(struct cmt_mutex* m);
void cmt_acquire(struct cmt_mutex* m);
void cmt_release(struct cmt_mutex* m);