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Learning knowledge base

This repository contains a lot of links to different articles, talks, books, courses etc. Related to web development and in general things about tech industry.


When you are searching to learn a new technology you feel overwhelmed about all of the content that is out there so the idea behind this is to create a practical guide and curated content about what resources I used to learn a certain topic. Many of these links work not matter what time you are looking so I try to give you the most complete information related to the technology and how can you continue learning more. Also this keep me on track about what things I'm learning

Updated 26 Nov 2020: I will make an update about how this repository will work so I will not keep track of every month with branches and replace them with the Lastest thing that I learned and register by commits in which date I start doing that

Updated 11 Dec 2020: I will go back to month branches so I can see in a more organized way what kind of things I learned through the month

Updated 02 Mar 2021: I'm not longer posting about what things I'm learning, I'm only continue adding the links that I found useful


Documentation. Here you can find a lot of useful resources about tech