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Apigee APIs

This git repo is intended to contain the specification/description documents for the entire Apigee public API. This includes all of the technologies that contribute to the API including the Edge management server, the Play server, BaaS, Sense, PinPoint, analytics and so on.

The goals of the repo are to bring all the corners of the APigee API together and to iterate towards a consistent style and content across the entire API. We will pay special attention to new APIs where we can make the most progress unfettered by backward-compatibility constraints.

Just as User Interface design is a skill and a discipline that is separate from implementation, we think that API design is also a skill and that we will create better APIs for our customers if we open our designs to community scrutiny, rather than creating them locally in development teams. Only by exposing our designs to broad review can we hope to achieve a measure of consistency across the brand.