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Deploy an ingress with SSL termination out of the box!
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NGINX Ingress Controller Deployment

k8 by example -- straight to the point, simple execution, no abstraction.

Setup the nginx ingress controller. For GKE users, you can use this controller instead of the default ingress controller that comes pre-installed with your cluster. The nginx class annotation is used to support this.

Note: You must disable the GKE ingress controller when you're creating GKE clusters (it's called "HTTP Load Balancer").

  • Uses ConfigMap for nginx
  • Uses ConfigMap for both TCP & UDP settings
  • Tuned to allow large file uploads
  • CertManager ready!
  • Uses basic auth (username: user, password: pass) by default

Getting started

Clone this repo and initialize submodules:

git clone && cd $_
git submodule update --init


Installs everything you need, next setup an ingress! See

Reserve a static ip address ahead of time and pass it to the make install command below and it will be associated with the ingress-svc EXTERNAL_IP:

$ make install LOADBALANCER_IP=

[ INSTALLING MANIFESTS/DEFAULTBACKEND-SERVICE.YAML ]: service "default-http-backend" created
[ INSTALLING MANIFESTS/CONTROLLER-DEPLOYMENT.YAML ]: deployment "ingress-controller" created
[ INSTALLING MANIFESTS/DEFAULTBACKEND-DEPLOYMENT.YAML ]: deployment "default-http-backend" created
[ INSTALLING MANIFESTS/RBAC.YAML ]: serviceaccount "nginx-ingress-serviceaccount" created
clusterrole "nginx-ingress-clusterrole" created
role "nginx-ingress-role" created
rolebinding "nginx-ingress-role-nisa-binding" created
clusterrolebinding "nginx-ingress-clusterrole-nisa-binding" created
[ INSTALLING MANIFESTS/CONFIGMAP.YAML ]: configmap "nginx-configuration" created

Now that the ingress-controller is installed and ready to start routing requests we can go ahead and create an Ingress resource (not to confuse them to be the same thing):

You'll want to setup your dns to resolve the $HOST below to the LOADBALANCER_IP (above)

This will create the ingress and letsencrypt certificate request in one shot:

$ make issue SERVICE_NAME=gitlab SERVICE_PORT=80

ingress "" created

To only request an ingress resource to be deployed (and not a certificate as well):

$ make ingress-issue SERVICE_NAME=gitlab SERVICE_PORT=80

ingress "" created

Your new ingress resource:

$ kubectl describe ing/

Namespace:        default
Default backend:  default-http-backend:80 (<none>)
TLS: terminates
  Host               Path  Backends
  ----               ----  --------
                     /   gitlab:80 (<none>)
  Type    Reason  Age   From                Message
  ----    ------  ----  ----                -------
  Normal  CREATE  27s   ingress-controller  Ingress default/


$ make help

                                __                 __
   __  ______  ____ ___  ____ _/ /____  ____  ____/ /
  / / / / __ \/ __  __ \/ __  / __/ _ \/ __ \/ __  /
 / /_/ / /_/ / / / / / / /_/ / /_/  __/ /_/ / /_/ /
 \__, /\____/_/ /_/ /_/\__,_/\__/\___/\____/\__,_/
              , it ain't easy.

Usage: make <target(s)>


  git/update           Update submodule(s) to HEAD from origin
  install              Installs manifests to kubernetes using kubectl apply (make manifests to see what will be installed)
  delete               Deletes manifests to kubernetes using kubectl delete (make manifests to see what will be installed)
  get                  Retrieves manifests to kubernetes using kubectl get (make manifests to see what will be installed)
  describe             Describes manifests to kubernetes using kubectl describe (make manifests to see what will be installed)
  context              Globally set the current-context (default namespace)
  shell                Grab a shell in a running container
  dump/logs            Find first pod and follow log output
  dump/manifests       Output manifests detected (used with make install, delete, get, describe, etc)


$ make delete

[ DELETING MANIFESTS/DEFAULTBACKEND-SERVICE.YAML ]: service "default-http-backend" deleted
[ DELETING MANIFESTS/CONTROLLER-DEPLOYMENT.YAML ]: deployment "ingress-controller" deleted
[ DELETING MANIFESTS/CONTROLLER-SERVICE.YAML ]: service "ingress-svc" deleted
[ DELETING MANIFESTS/DEFAULTBACKEND-DEPLOYMENT.YAML ]: deployment "default-http-backend" deleted
[ DELETING MANIFESTS/RBAC.YAML ]: serviceaccount "nginx-ingress-serviceaccount" deleted
clusterrole "nginx-ingress-clusterrole" deleted
role "nginx-ingress-role" deleted
rolebinding "nginx-ingress-role-nisa-binding" deleted
clusterrolebinding "nginx-ingress-clusterrole-nisa-binding" deleted
[ DELETING MANIFESTS/CONFIGMAP.YAML ]: configmap "nginx-configuration" deleted

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