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[Color] Update constructor comments
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hunterstich authored and paulfthomas committed Jul 17, 2023
1 parent 674ec44 commit ba465a2
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Expand Up @@ -120,36 +120,6 @@ public DynamicColor(
this.opacity = null;

* A constructor for DynamicColor.
* <p>_Strongly_ prefer using one of the convenience constructors. This class is arguably too
* flexible to ensure it can support any scenario. Functional arguments allow overriding without
* risks that come with subclasses.
* <p>For example, the default behavior of adjust tone at max contrast to be at a 7.0 ratio with
* its background is principled and matches accessibility guidance. That does not mean it's the
* desired approach for _every_ design system, and every color pairing, always, in every case.
* <p>For opaque colors (colors with alpha = 100%).
* @param name The name of the dynamic color.
* @param palette Function that provides a TonalPalette given DynamicScheme. A TonalPalette is
* defined by a hue and chroma, so this replaces the need to specify hue/chroma. By providing
* a tonal palette, when contrast adjustments are made, intended chroma can be preserved.
* @param tone Function that provides a tone, given a DynamicScheme.
* @param isBackground Whether this dynamic color is a background, with some other color as the
* foreground.
* @param background The background of the dynamic color (as a function of a `DynamicScheme`), if
* it exists.
* @param secondBackground A second background of the dynamic color (as a function of a
* `DynamicScheme`), if it exists.
* @param contrastCurve A `ContrastCurve` object specifying how its contrast against its
* background should behave in various contrast levels options.
* @param toneDeltaPair A `ToneDeltaPair` object specifying a tone delta constraint between two
* colors. One of them must be the color being constructed.
* @param opacity A function returning the opacity of a color, as a number between 0 and 1.
public DynamicColor(
@NonNull String name,
@NonNull Function<DynamicScheme, TonalPalette> palette,
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