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[Side Sheet][Docs] Add left sheet/sheet edge documentation.
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**Shape** | `app:shapeAppearance` | N/A | `?attr/shapeAppearanceLargeComponent`
**Sheet edge** | `android:layout_gravity` | `setSheetEdge` (modal only) | end
**Elevation** | `android:elevation` | N/A | 0dp
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### Sheet edge
You can set the sheet to originate from the left or right side of the screen.
You can also automatically switch the sheet edge based on layout direction, by
setting the sheet edge to `start` or `end`.

#### Standard and Coplanar Sheets
To set a standard or coplanar sheet's edge, set the `gravity` property of the
side sheet `View`'s `CoordinatorLayout.LayoutParams`, then request a layout pass
on the side sheet `View`.

val layoutParams = sideSheetView.layoutParams
if (layoutParams is CoordinatorLayout.LayoutParams) {
layoutParams.gravity = sheetGravity

You can also set the sheet edge with XML, by setting `android:layout_gravity`
to the desired gravity:

<include layout="@layout/side_sheet_layout" />

#### Modal Sheets
To set a modal sheet's edge, pass a `Gravity` constant into `SideSheetDialog`'s
dedicated `setSheetEdge` method. For example, set the sheet edge to `start` like


Note: Runtime changes to sheet edges are not supported for modal sheets and may
not work as expected. If you'd like to change the sheet edge at runtime, you
should recreate the sheet, then call `setSheetEdge` with the new gravity.

### Styles

**Element** | **Value**
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