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This release compiles with Java 8. We are planning for our 1.1.0-alpha09 to go back to compiling with Java 7. If you can't update your app to compile with Java 8, we recommend staying with 1.1.0-alpha07 until 1.1.0-alpha09 is available.

Dependency Updates:

  • androidx.viewpager2:viewpager2:1.0.0-alpha05
  • androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-runtime:2.0.0
  • androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-compiler:2.0.0
  • androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.1.0-rc01
  • androidx.coordinatorlayout:coordinatorlayout:1.1.0-beta01
  • androidx.core:core:1.1.0-rc02
  • androidx.vectordrawable:vectordrawable:1.1.0-rc01
  • Java 8
  • Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 3.3.2
  • Gradle 4.10.1
  • compileSdkVersion Q

Library Updates:

  • Dark Theme updates:
    • Add primary surface color and styles for switching between primary color (not-night) and surface color (night) (f2db1d9, 3753456, d3b7c72)
    • Change elevation overlay (dark theme) to be based on absolute elevation (5df3beb, cd1b6cd) and some API updates (6783f9e)
  • Badge API changes (ccc4890, b398023, b09336e, 63fed94, 6aab297)
  • Chip: publicly expose ChipGroup#setSingleLine (6589e54), fix Chip getText doesn't work when setShouldDrawText is true (8c0f6f7), and support state_checkable (bee3793)
  • Change ripples on MaterialButton and Chip to use the alphas provided in the ColorStateList. (1f4ea84, 36b760d, b857c79)
  • MaterialButtonToggleGroup - Add uncheck(int id) API for unchecking single button to MaterialButtonToggleGroup (cda68ed)
  • TextInputLayout: fixed passwordToggleEnabled="false" behavior (16a6e72), only make filled text field hint vertically centered if edit text's min lines is 1. (34e9ab2), accessibility improvements (2ec8717), adjustments to start/end icons (4130215, 15b721c), and animate clear button icon (b89a91c)
  • Exposed Dropdown Menu: some accessibility and focus improvements (cb5430e) and animate dropdown icon (326dc8a)
  • Added auto-inflated MaterialTextView which looks at the lineHeight set in the textAppearance. In order to disable this, set textAppearanceLineHeightEnabled = false in your theme. (12024f6, d7a9248)
  • Fix FAB insets when anchored to BAB (c6c4ec4)
  • Make BottomAppBar respect insets for Android Q Edge to Edge support (1aa7125)
  • Delegate overscrollmode in navigation view to inflated MenuView (19aeb9b)
  • Fix [MaterialCardView] checked icon sometimes takes up the entire card (59a4185)
  • Change snackbar duration timeout (469c126)
  • Update AppBarLayout lift on scroll finding of liftOnScrollTargetViewId to be based on nested scrolling view instead of Activity when possible (3b7e1b4)
  • Add tooltip fallback to Bottom Navigation item titles (c045cca)
  • Add neutral palette colors to Theme Overlays (591ba96)
  • Added animator getter to MotionSpec that supports a non-view target (8e6cd13)
  • Expose CircularRevealHelper.Delegate (d37303e) and ShapeAppearancePathProvider (1c5df57)

Full set of changes: 1.1.0-alpha07...1.1.0-alpha08

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