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@raajkumars raajkumars released this 20 Sep 17:55


Elevation Overlays within default component styles have been replaced by the new Tonal Surface Color system. Instead of blending the Primary color with the Surface color based on an elevation value, components will now use a specific Surface color role which can be more easily understood and customized.

Documentation for the affected components and which Surface color roles they use has been updated in 2114a11.

Dependency Updates

Dependency Previous version New version
androidx.activity 1.8.0-alpha06 1.8.0-beta01

Library Updates

  • BottomSheet
    • Fix sheet corners animation (de27132)
  • Carousel
    • Tweak uncontained strategy logic to adjust medium size items to improve motion (93660d4)
    • Fixed formatted for KeylineState and KeylineStateList (b80d9a5)
    • Fixed keyline shifting in RTL for uncontained carousels (7151714)
    • Reduce the number of truncations in intermediate calculations (4ce7e4c)
    • Update vertical scroll speed to be faster (c6ea2d4)
    • Fix some a11y bugs in Carousel (3d84841)
    • Center aligned uncontained carousel (b6f6eb5)
    • Add left-aligned uncontained strategy (9d81cac)
    • Fix orientation not correct in item decoration calculations (966f7da)
    • Update mask size on size change if mask x percentage has been set (dc91b39)
  • Catalog
    • Update side sheet state handling to be more accurate in demos (357cf2d)
    • Update bottom sheet state handling to be more accurate in demos (f9102c7)
    • Fixed demos in RTL (4e1b130)
    • Make side sheet demo icon easier to see in dark mode (79a1953)
    • Remove explicit Catalog dependency on androidx.activity now that library depends on it (3bb69f5)
    • buid.gradle update. (4847799)
    • Remove edge-to-edge to top app bar demos due to glitches in ActionBar demo (c40e468)
    • Update slider position when carousel is scrolled in uncontained carousel demo (480bbc6)
    • Applied edge-to-edge to top app bar demos (aa5b5bc)
    • Add uncontained carousel demo to catalog (ef9f918)
    • Update slider position when carousel is scrolled in catalog demos (3652fde)
  • CollapsingToolbarLayout
    • Fixed title collapse fade mode color to use a Tonal Surface role instead of elevation overlay (5f2b4b2)
  • Color
    • Updated focused and pressed state from 0.12 to 0.10 to increase the contrast ratio with tonal surface color. (bc824b4)
    • Updated colors of container transform demo (d16f223)
    • Add ColorStateListDrawable support (0663019)
    • Removed layered drawable for the background after tonal surface color. (b5d6f1a)
  • Documentation
    • Add uncontained variant docs (9ee4aba)
    • Minor code block improvements (d7e75bb)
    • Add guidance in fullscreen strategy docs about portrait orientation (caec8d2)
    • Update chip documentation to use setOnCheckedStateChangeListener instead of setOnCheckedChangeListener which was deprecated in favour of the former (0582b1a)
    • Update example in docs to use colorContainer and colorOnContainer instead of colorPrimary and colorOnPrimary. (44bfe2d)
    • Updated Color dev doc with tonal surface colors. (9a4c21d)
    • Updated dev doc for tonal surface colors in affected components. (2114a11)
  • Material 3
    • Add Meizu to dynamic colors allowlist (faf9a32)
    • Remove resources loader support for tonal surface update (1a9d54f)
  • MaterialDatePicker
    • Fix header layout overlapping (5f1cab6)
    • Fixing the "Column of Days:" announcement causing Talkback verbosity (a782e7a)
  • NavigationView
    • Set material drawable background if the background has been set as a ColorStateList (eba40e9)
  • Predictive Back
    • Fix issue where modal accessibility is not reset after collapsing search view predictively, which caused the screen to appear frozen when using TalkBack (8d83a31)
  • Switch
    • Fix drawable scaling for API < 23 (a10c508)
  • Tabs
    • Integrated divider token output into the background drawables. (6b627c2)
  • TextInputLayout
    • Mutate cursor drawable before tinting it. (9a4888f)
  • TopAppBar
    • Simplified logics to animate the container color between lifted state and the default state. (1e9f5f0)
    • Fix dynamic status bar foreground lift on scroll color when using Tonal Surface Color on API Level 33 (c4ae01a)
    • Fix dynamic status bar foreground lift on scroll color when using Tonal Surface Color (569ddac)
    • Fixed that liftOnScrollColor doesn't respect to setLifted when liftOnScroll is set to false. (43242f2)
    • Added liftOnScroll and lifted toggles to the catalog. (4e995d1)
  • Other
    • Update library version to 1.11.0-alpha03 (0a8fc61)
    • Remove android:targetSdk where it's not needed (09382b8)
    • Update androidx.activity dependency to version 1.8.0-beta01 (f93c65c)
    • Added a comment before overridden resources. (7d8681f)

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