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@drchen drchen released this 19 Oct 21:43
· 2 commits to release-1.11 since this release


Elevation Overlays within default component styles have been replaced by the new Tonal Surface Color system. Instead of blending the Primary color with the Surface color based on an elevation value, components will now use a specific Surface color role which can be more easily understood and customized.

Documentation for the affected components and which Surface color roles they use has been updated in 2114a11.

Dependency Updates

Dependency Previous version New version
androidx.activity 1.8.0-beta01 1.8.0

Library Updates

  • Badging
    • Adjust badge vertical offset for certain components to fit design requirements (78cc54b)
    • Add note in attachBadgeDrawable method docs about menu item views being re-used when there is a structural change in the menu. Since badges are attached to the views, this may change the menu item that the badge is intended for (5e6ea58)
  • Carousel
    • Ensure that extra small size is not larger than the large size (17baf71)
    • Fixed crash when recyclerview has a size of zero. (26c3129)
    • When navigating with keyboard, scroll focused item to nearest focal keyline, not the first focal keyline (fb9c1c6)
    • Force hero strategy to be start-aligned if there are not enough items to make it center-aligned (9a2347b)
    • Add logic for multibrowse strategy to change strategy when number of items is less than the number of keylines (cbb380d)
    • Fixed focus order when using keyboard navigation for hero carousels. (0356f24)
    • Cleaning up multi-browse strategy and removing compact arrangement (ed4647d)
    • Disallowing center aligned hero strategy with only 2 items since it does not make any sense. With only 2 items there can only be a start state and end state with the hero strategy. (d5d604d)
    • Fix issue with uncontained carousel not having a proper end scroll value due to assumption made in end scroll calculation (8cb444b)
    • Added tests for hero and multibrowse strategies when the carousel container is very small. (8312162)
    • Update scroll offset to scroll to the estimated position that it was at upon an initial load (4a6ae4d)
    • Fixed strategies crashing when there is not enough available space for a large and a small item (c418063)
  • Catalog
    • Use BottomSheetDialogFragment (2c53952)
    • Update navigation drawer state handling to be more accurate in demo (74ac87c)
    • Update navigation drawer state handling to be more accurate in custom drawer demo (1252d4f)
    • When bottom sheet is collapsed, back callback is enabled (98439df)
  • CollapsingToolbarLayout
    • Fix issue where expanded text gets ellipsized too aggressively when using title fade mode and the toolbar has menu items (094e3e2)
  • Color
    • Introduce U color tokens (ad63d3f)
    • Delete unused contrast resources (541df07)
  • Documentation
    • Add note to clarify that automatic back handling in components is only for API 33+ (ad2b5f8)
    • Update Predictive Back doc to recommend 1.10.0 stable version (b8b1a66)
    • Update doc to explain how to allow Top App Bar to grow taller in response to system font setting (a01a68d)
    • Fix carousel docs (247240c)
  • MaterialCardView
    • Support android:duplicateParentState. (31af945)
  • MaterialDatePicker
    • Added builder methods for customizing the positive and negative button content descriptions
    • Cleanup date formats that specify the same field multiple times. (f1da3c3)
  • Predictive Back
    • Update to use decelerate interpolator (5559cbc)
    • Fix issue where predictive back is not enabled in NavigationView after rotating the screen or restarting the activity when the NavigationView is already opened as a drawer (bccbd4f)
  • Search
    • Set the editable property within SearchBar's AccessibilityNodeInfo representation. (be1395b)
    • Fix issue where predictive back is not enabled in SearchView after rotating the screen or restarting the activity when the SearchView is already expanded (a51561d)
  • TextInputLayout
    • Fix editText paddings on pre-Lollipop (2590c42)
    • Fix onMeasure() infinite loop bug caused by posting requestLayout() before endLayout is fully rendered. (93360a5)
  • Tokens
  • Other
    • Update androidx.activity dependency to version 1.8.0 (733fe20)

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