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@dsn5ft dsn5ft released this Dec 19, 2019

Dependency Updates:

Dependency Previous version New version
annotation-experimental N/A 1.0.0
coordinatorlayout 1.1.0-rc01 1.1.0
viewpager2 1.0.0-rc01 1.0.0

Library Updates:

  • Slider
    • Add OffsetEdgeTreatment (5f4a139)
    • Initial implementation of TooltipDrawable (a282afe, c421319)
    • Update Slider to use TooltipDrawable (5d1a369)
    • Fix issue where you cannot set stepSize < 1.0 (58190de)
    • Remove the requirement to setClipChildren false on the parent of Slider (df94cd1)
    • Add option to set the track height of the Slider (fe160f3)
    • Rename Slider forceDrawCompatShadow to be forceDrawCompatHalo (6adbcc2)
    • Draw the halo color instead of the thumb color for the compat halo for Slider (b1816e1)
    • Recalculate Slider ticks when the step size changes (1723dd4)
    • Rename slider tick and track color attributes to keep them together when sorted alphabetically (921d392)
    • Fix height of Slider when floating label is false (dc17035)
    • Update the radius of the Slider RippleDrawable (b2deaa3)
    • Fixed behaviour when Slider is in a scrolling container (a7da96f)
  • ShapeableImageView
  • MaterialButtonToggleGroup
    • Add selection required option to MaterialButtonToggleGroup (a4b9032)
  • MaterialShapeDrawable
    • Update MaterialShapeDrawable to handle overlapping edge and corners (8ed1484)
    • Enable non convex shadows on Q (bb1e9e4)
  • TextInputLayout
    • Accessibility improvements for hint, error, and helper text (29f3d05, 6849bae, b78be8d, 11c57ab)
    • Adding onInitializeAccessibilityNodeInfo override in TextInputEditText (6efedee)
    • Limiting helper/error view width so that counter view doesn't get pushed out (eabbfa2)
    • Add support for placeholder text in TextInputLayout (201ec62)
    • Fixing cutout not working with CENTER_HORIZONTAL (9dcb121)
    • Pan window so that keyboard doesn't hide helper/error views (2084fd3)
  • MaterialCardView
    • Disable MaterialCardView bitmap drawing (781e79f)
  • Chip
    • Support tinted chip icons (d25fa92)
    • Support setting textAllCaps in textAppearance xml (e3be6b0)
    • Fix chip text mis-alignment when its width is less than the minimum recommended touch target width (a320475)
  • BottomAppBar
    • Handle horizontal system insets for BottomAppBar (6405635)
  • Proguard
    • Use conditional keep rule for MaterialComponentsViewInflater (d7a5dc8)

Full set of changes: 1.2.0-alpha02...1.2.0-alpha03

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