A MaxForLive patch for control of clips in Ableton Live with the Monome controller
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MonoFire is a simple patch made for MaxForLive M4L, that enables a Monome 64 to fire clips stored in the Ableton Live project. In includes volumecontrol and showing the Vue-meter on the Monome.

The basic idea is to have a simple clip-player that can play upto 7 clips simultaniously per Live Scene. It is made to be as simple and quick to set up as possible (at the airport before the gig).

Put this patch "Monofire.amxd" into your pluginfolder in ~Documents/livelibrary,, add an instance of the patch to the Master strip (or any other). Connect your Monome64 and name the path "/live" in MonomeSerial app.

Now make 7 audio tracks in Live, and add as many clips as you want in each row/scene, upto 7 rows/scenes, so you have maximum a 7x7 grid of clips.

Enter speeds in bpm for each row (horizontally) in the MonoFire plugin-window. No need to do this unless you need to have individual speeds per scene/row.

Now on the Monome the rightmost column (depending on orientation) choose which row/scene to work with. Hold the selected button for a few seconds to change the speed of the project to the speed set for that row.

On the bottom row (except the rightmost button) you fire away clips. Start/stop. The column above this controls volume by holding the button of the height of volum desired. When not volumecontrol the column shows the signal vue dB.

Thanks to James Drake for the great Monomebutton and -slider and -pages patches used in this project.