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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<materialx version="1.36">
<!-- Declare a multi-output node with an external OSL implementation -->
<nodedef name="ND_doublecolor_c3c3" node="doublecolor" type="multioutput">
<input name="in1" type="color3" value="0.0, 0.0, 0.0"/>
<parameter name="seed" type="float" value="1.0"/>
<output name="c1" type="color3" default="1.0, 1.0, 1.0"/>
<output name="c2" type="color3" defaultinput="in1"/>
<implementation name="IM_doublecolor_c3c3_osl" nodedef="ND_doublecolor_c3c3" file="lib/mtlx_funcs.osl" language="osl"/>
<!-- Use the multi-output node in a nodegraph -->
<nodegraph name="nodegraph1">
<image name="n0" type="color3">
<parameter name="file" type="filename" value="layer1.tif"/>
<doublecolor name="dc1" type="multioutput">
<input name="in1" type="color3" nodename="n0"/>
<parameter name="seed" type="float" value="0.442367"/>
<contrast name="n1" type="color3">
<input name="in" type="color3" nodename="dc1" output="c1"/>
<input name="amount" type="float" value="0.14"/>
<add name="n2" type="color3">
<input name="in1" type="color3" nodename="dc1" output="c2"/>
<input name="in2" type="color3" nodename="n1"/>
<output name="diffuse" type="color3" nodename="n2"/>
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