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vilmospapp and others added some commits May 17, 2012

@vilmospapp @danielkocsis vilmospapp LPS-27390 Made scope selection working at Site Membership porltet's t…
…abs' navigation
@danielkocsis danielkocsis LPS-27390 Source formatting 5f687d4
Zsolt Berentey LPS-27390 Source formatting 06a9087
@zsoltbalogh @brianchandotcom zsoltbalogh LPS-27431 Some ResourceListeners throw exception when it's not found d474110
@brianchandotcom Zsolt Berentey LPS-27322 Fixed redirect URL to contain correct folderId eca9669
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27322 Source formatting b58fed5
@brianchandotcom Sergio Sanchez LPS-27427 ExpandoValue is not deleted when a JournalArticle is deleted a154b1d
@brianchandotcom Preston Crary LPS-27414 Better solution 492f817
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser LPS-27414 Sort 5ae60ad
@wesleygong @brianchandotcom wesleygong LPS-27275 ec44f67
@vilmospapp @brianchandotcom vilmospapp LPS-27318 This fix validates score values in RateEntryAction to avoid…
… manipulation in ratings.
@brianchandotcom Zsolt Berentey LPS-27318 Source formatting f98a3bd
@juanferrub @brianchandotcom juanferrub LPS-27318 Refactor score validation 00b8ebb
@juanferrub @brianchandotcom juanferrub LPS-27318 Autogenerated db0e2cc
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27318 Undo bad regeneration, someone used an old ServiceBuidler. …
…Before committing generation, review what was changed. Adding an exception should not have changed generation.
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27318 Remove unused import afa5de5
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27318 Exceptions that belong to a model should have the model nam…
…e prefixed to it. That's how all our other exceptions are named, like UserFirstNameException (User obj, firstName field)
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27318 Do not use PropsValues in util-taglib/** or else they'll br…
…eak when we load the taglib from a portlet. Notice that if you search PropsValues in util-taglib/**, not a single case returns. We use the kernel.util.PropsUtil pattern on purpose.
@mikakoivisto @brianchandotcom mikakoivisto LPS-27419 Don't set public cache headers 46b4c53
@samuelkong @brianchandotcom samuelkong LPS-27403 Fix for LPS-18184 is insufficient fdbcbb6
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27403 Source formatting 1df1330
@mikakoivisto @brianchandotcom mikakoivisto LPS-27420 Use Content-disposition attachment for all non inline resou…
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27420 Source formatting 5af5d18
@matethurzo @brianchandotcom matethurzo LPS-26260 Updating logic in LayoutExporter and LayoutImporter 3adeb45
@matethurzo @brianchandotcom matethurzo LPS-26260 Updating struts config 0e0a32a
@matethurzo @brianchandotcom matethurzo LPS-26260 UI changes 1ae0b10
@juliocamarero @brianchandotcom juliocamarero LPS-26260 Source Formating 9d6aea9
@juliocamarero @brianchandotcom juliocamarero LPS-26260 Apply the Same UI to Site Templates 9f1ea0c
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26260 Source formatting 90a4708
@shinnlok @brianchandotcom shinnlok LPS-27415 Params were being overridden every time 475190a
@mikemanyoung @brianchandotcom mikemanyoung LPS-27355
Signed-off-by: Michael Young <michael.young@liferay.com>
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27355 Source formatting 8cba9d8
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27355 Source formatting 110193e
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27355 Regenerate d30a083
@juliocamarero @brianchandotcom juliocamarero LPS-27161 Don't allow the user removing a site with subsites 18fa050
@juliocamarero @brianchandotcom juliocamarero LPS-27161 autogenerated 7d57d3b
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27161 Source formatting fb85b4b
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-25605 Add TX back in 7f18ca1
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser LPS-26260 Fix logical change in source formatting commit? d15f3a5
@hhuijser hhuijser LPS-26260 Revert logic change fcfa5f9
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26260 Fix logic change a different way. Having a getGroupId metho…
…d is handy
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26260 SQL indexes never got regenerated? 6b25321
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26260 Language keys 1eff21e
@igr @brianchandotcom igr LPS-27294 added removed tests w/o hardcoded strings. d53d8b3
@migue @brianchandotcom migue LPS-27294 Source formatting ab9d365
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27294 Source formatting b0d0fd8
@hhuijser hhuijser LPS-26260 index should not be unique 35f8a79
@moltam89 moltam89 LPS-27430 Guest cannot view DDL form or add new DDL record be9dcdb

matethurzo commented May 29, 2012

Pushed to Sergio for review, thanks!

matethurzo closed this May 29, 2012

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