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0. Get the Application:
git clone
1. Create a database in MySQL or PostgreSQL (call it bracket_2016 if you like)
sql> create database bracket_2016
1b. If your database fu sucks or is lazy then use a SQLite database which will
create the DB for you and does not require a user or password.
2. Edit bracket.conf to match your database and user/pass (SQLite users do nothing)
3. Deploy the database, initialize it and create an admin user all in one by running:
4. Start it up:
5. Login with your admin account at:
6. Once you've verified that Bracket is working for you with the Catalyst builtin web
server, then you can deploy it more permanently. To do so w/ apache and mod_perl
do something like the following in an apache conf file:
PerlSwitches -I/home/user/apps/Bracket/lib
PerlModule Bracket
<Location /bracket>
SetHandler modperl
PerlResponseHandler Bracket
This will make /bracket the URL for the base of the application.
7. Let players know about your bracket. They can register at /register
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