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an unofficial launcher for minecraft servers
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Minecraft Server Launcher
Minecraft Server Launcher.sln


an unofficial server launcher for minecraft servers created by me, mateuszdrwal.

just some basic information:

i created this launcher because i thought that it was enoying to edit the file for minecraft servers. this is also first time i use GitHub so if i do something wrong let me know!

feel free to:

Use this program (of course)

report bugs

give suggestions


correct my spelling

here is the thread on minecraftforums describing the program:

how to build:

  1. download and install visual studio community 2015
  2. download the repository
  3. open the project file using visual studio
  4. when it loaded, go to the build tab and select "build minecraft server launcher"
  5. the exe will appear in repository/minecraft server launcher/bin/release/app.publish
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