Installing MaTEx TensorFlow CPU

Vinay Amatya edited this page Jul 13, 2018 · 16 revisions

We have provided a set of scripts for easy installation on CPU clusters. We expect that minimal changes would be required to the script for installation.

For using CPU enabled TensorFlow, you would need to set up the MPI_HOME environment variable to point where MPI and should be found. The installation script assumes that the host system has Anaconda flavor of python available. For the same, ANACONDA_HOME environment variable needs to be set, pointing to where ANACONDA has been installed.

As an example, for bash shells:

$ export ANACONDA_HOME=/where/ANACONDA/installation/resides
$ export MPI_HOME=/where/mpi_library/resides

Installation for bash shells

$ cd matex/src/deeplearning/tensorflow/cpu/py3.x
$ source ./

Installation for C-shells

$ cd matex/src/deeplearning/tensorflow/cpu/py3.x
$ source ./

Deactivating the virtual environment:

$ source

Activating the virtual environment (if MaTEx has already been installed):

$ source
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