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Layout and compilation of the library

The library is divided into packages which group together related files. Each package defines a distribution and compilation unit.

Packages can be compiled using the traditional make utility or the more recent OPAM one. The released and current dev versions are also available as OPAM packages.

Compilation and installation of released and current dev version with OPAM

If you just installed OPAM you may have to do the following. You may also want to read OPAM user manual first.

opam init
eval `opam config env`

Once your OPAM environment is configured you can install any math-comp package via

opam repo add coq-released
opam pin add -n coq -k version 8.8.0
opam install coq -j3
opam install coq-mathcomp-ssreflect.1.7.0 -j3

Replace ssreflect here by the package you want, the dependencies will be installed automatically. We recommend pinning a particular version of Coq (here 8.8.0). To get the latest development version you need to execute the following:

opam repo add coq-extra-dev
opam install -j3

Compilation and installation in a dedicated OPAM root

If you want to install the library in a dedicated environment (let's name it MC) which will remain independent from your current OPAM setup you can run the following commands:

opam init --root=$PWD/MC
eval `opam config env --root=$PWD/MC`

After that the installations instructions above apply.

Coq and the library are installed in the $PWD/MC directory (called an OPAM root). To discard the OPAM root, simply delete the directory.

Compilation and installation with make

The instructions assume you are in the mathcomp directory and that you have a supported version of Coq: 8.6, 8.7 or 8.8.

If coqc is in your PATH, then you are good to go. Alternatively, you can export the COQBIN variable to tell make where the coqc binary is:

export COQBIN=/home/gares/COQ/coq/bin/

To compile the entire library just type make. If you have parallel hardware then make -j 3 is probably a faster option.

The files can be edited using CoqIDE or Proof General, or any other editor that understands the _CoqProject file, with no further configuration from the mathcomp directory.

coqide ssreflect/div.v

Note that you may need to enable _CoqProject processing in your editor (e.g. the default for CoqIDE is to ignore it).

To install the compiled library, just execute make install.

Compilation and installation of a custom version using OPAM

The instructions assume you are in the mathcomp directory and that you have OPAM installed and configured with the standard Coq repositories.

For each package, pin the opam file:

opam pin -n add ssreflect

This can be achieved in one go as follows:

for P in */opam; do opam pin -n add ${P%%/opam}; done

Then you can use opam install to compile and install any package. For example:

opam install coq.8.8.0 coq-mathcomp-ssreflect