A drupal development focused emacs config for windows and cygwin based on emacs-starter-kit and the ELPA package system.
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A drupal development focused emacs config for windows and cygwin based on emacs-starter-kit and the ELPA package system.



  • Meet the pre-requasists below
  • Place the following in your .emacs or init.el file:
(require 'package)
(setq package-archives '(("gnu" . "http://elpa.gnu.org/packages/")
                         ("marmalade" . "http://marmalade-repo.org/packages/")
                         ("melpa" . "http://melpa.milkbox.net/packages/")))
  • Place the content of the repository in your "~/.emacs.d" directory
  • Rename the "~/.emacs.d/MATH" directory to your "USERNAME"
  • Rename the "~/.emacs.d/MATH-LAPTOP.el" file to your "USERNAME-SYSTEMNAME"
  • On windows 7 you must "Take ownership" of the "~/.emacs.d/server" directory
  • Make sure the cygwin/bin path is before other directories in you path variable

Drupal Features

  • Automatic drupal project awareness
  • Find files in drupal project
  • Version control function on drupal project
  • Drupal documentation lookups
  • Drupal autoComplete dictionary (drupal 6 atm)
  • PHP mode setup drupal coding standards
  • Drupal mode from ELPA included
    • Provides some drush integration
    • Flymake project awareness
    • Tag project awareness (gtag/etag)
  • Manage a drupal site through Org-Mode


  • Fully configured html / css / php / js modes
  • Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Visual Branching Undo History
  • Automatic File backups
  • PHP / CSS / JS Electric Modes
  • PHP Function Doc Popups
  • Project / Version Control Awareness
  • Firefox'esc search functionality
  • Smart Cursor
  • IDO mode
  • Cygwin support for command line
  • Improved menu bar
  • Single buffer dired
  • Code Completion for css / js / html and php
  • Snippits
  • Zen Coding for HTML
  • Find File in Project
  • Find in File in Project
  • Tortoise SVN Support
  • Tortoise Git Support
  • Visual Bookmarks
  • Git support (magit)
  • SVN support (svn)
  • Improved Occur Mode
  • Customized zenburn color theme
  • Sane Key Config
  • Consistant minibuffer managment
  • PowerGREP Support
  • Browse all functions in file
  • Browse to function definition at point (project aware)
  • Beyond compare support
  • Browse url in emacs
  • Clean mode line
  • Growl popups for appointments
  • Code folding
  • Smart Indenting
  • Images in org mode
  • Google and org mode interated calendar
  • Publish org mode calendar to google
  • Elisp auto complete powered by slime
  • Adaptive wrapping of lone lines


  • NTEmacs
  • Cygwin (grep, git, svn, find, etc)
  • Mysql (cygwin ports)
  • PHP (cygwin ports)

Optional Pre-Requesits

  • 'ccl Common Lisp
  • TortoiseSVN
  • TortoiseGIT
  • Drush
  • PowerGREP
  • Beyond Compare
  • Font: ProggyTinyTT

Sane Key Config

Basic Movment

  • scroll M-up / M-down
  • moveword M-left / M-right
  • find anything current file M-f
  • goto line C-g
  • ace jump mode C-S-g

Smart Tabing

  • tab in line / region tab
  • tab out line / region S-tab

Basic Editing

  • undo C-z
  • redo C-y
  • undo history C-S-z
  • copy C-c
  • paste C-v
  • paste history C-S-v
  • cut C-x
  • select all C-a
  • kill current line M-k
  • duplicate current line C-d
  • kill words backwards S-tab

Dealing with files

  • save C-s
  • rename C-S-s
  • open file in project C-o
  • new / open file here C-S-o
  • open recent files M-o
  • open directory at file M-e
  • open directory at file in dired C-e ;;todo

Controling the minibuffer

  • cancel minibuffer escape
  • refocus minibuffer C-9

Dealing with buffers

  • choose buffer quick C-space
  • choose buffer list M-o
  • close buffer C-0
  • close-buffers C-S-space ;;would like to switch
  • next / prev buffer C-right/left ;;notworking
  • next / prev frame C-tab / C-S-tab

Searching the buffer

  • search current file c-f
  • search-replace current file c-s-f
  • search with occur mode M-f

In search minibuffer

  • searchmode previous search C-up
  • searchmode escape esc or arrows

Searching in multiple files

  • find in file in project F1
  • find in file anywhere F2
  • find function definition (js/php) in file F3
  • find function definition (js/php) in project S-F3 ;;change to M-.


  • share selection on haste F4

Dealing with frames

  • split window | F5
  • split window - F6
  • smart single window F7
  • close window F8 ;;not working
  • enlarge window - F9
  • enlarge window | F10

Version Control

  • tortoise svn log F12
  • tortoise svn log repository C-S-F12
  • tortoise svn prevdiff S-F12
  • tortoise svn diff M-F12
  • tortoise svn commit F11
  • tortoise svn commit repository C-S-F11
  • magit status M-g
  • magit comit file ;make
  • svn status M-s ;;make
  • svn commit file ;;make

Writing code

  • snippit completion tab
  • code completion S-space
  • zen coding C-1
  • comment / uncomment C-2

Code documentation

  • look up in google C-l
  • look up php function C-S-l ;;make this work in lisp and js mode?
  • php function popup M-l ;;make this work with elisp too
  • read link in browser C-r
  • read link in emacs C-S-r
  • look up drupal function M-d

Command prompts

  • shell home C-5
  • shell here C-6
  • lisp repl C-7 ;;make
  • elisp repl C-8 ;;make

Org Mode

  • org next file
  • org projects
  • org new file ;;ahouls be normal new file key using hook
  • org collapse tab
  • org change timestamp S-up / S-down
  • org toggle todo C-t
  • org new line heading C-enter
  • org archive current line C-S-a
  • org schedule item C-p

Buffer Bookmarks

  • toggle bookmark C-b
  • toggle bookmark RIGHT-CLICK Left-Fring
  • jump to bookmark C-S-b

Global Bookmarks

  • toggle bookmark M-b
  • toggle bookmark MIDDLE-CLICK Left-Fring
  • bookmark list M-S-b


  • emacs command M-x
  • emacs parser
  • emacs evaluate