Parallel Deal.II MUltiphysics Solver
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pi-DoMUS Build Status

Parallel-Deal.II MUlti-physics Solver

Required Packages

Installation Instructions

Compile and install pidomus:

git clone

cd pi-DoMUS
mkdir build
cd build

cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/some/where/pidomus ..
make install

and then start working with one of its examples by e.g. copying it

cp -r /some/where/pidomus/examples/name-of-example /some/other/place/my-app
cd /some/other/place/my-app
cmake -DPIDOMUS_DIR=/some/where/pidomus .
make run

if you have an environment variable called PIDOMUS_DIR it will look into that directory and you do not have to specify it as option (-DPIDOMUS_DIR).