Inequational reasoning assistant for proofs relating to improvement theory.
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Improvement Scripts
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University of Nottingham Improvement Engine (Unie)

Inequational reasoning for Improvement Theory

Unie is currently not available on Hackage, but will be shortly. The current version status is 0.9. It is a fully working system, but we plan to continue development and add further features.

Running Unie

The following command will install the necessary packages that Unie requires:

> cabal install brick kure GraphSCC split extra monad-loops tuple ansi-terminal

Be sure to execute from the root directory:

> ghci /src/Interactive/Inter.hs

Also please use an ANSI terminal with light font on a dark background.

Getting started

A good way to become familiar with the system is to execute one of the existing proof scripts. This can be done by using the 'run-script' command inside Unie:

unie> run-script "./Improvement Scripts/reverse_ass_b"

Pressing return once the script is active will execute the next command. A script can be fully executed as follows:

unie> run-script "./Improvement Scripts/reverse_ass_b"

unie> !

Once the script has been run, you may wish to review the proof history:

unie> show-hist

Note that a number of scripts rely on the use of definitions in the 'lib' folders. These are imported by the scripts themselves.

Press tab to see a full list of commands. Typing

unie> man <command_name>

gives information on command usage. Please note, the help/man section is currently under development and will be completed soon. Apologies for the delay.


"Improving Haskell", a paper introducing the system, and the technical aspects of improvement theory, can be found here.

Bug reporting and queries

Please send any queries/bug reports to

Thank you.