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I created this app to help me organize, visualize and socialize my Twitter feed.

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Organize, visualize and socialize your Twitter feed.

PLEASE NOTE: Twitolu is in alpha. These docs are a work-in-progress and will be finished shortly. The next version of Twitolu will use Angular.JS to organize the codebase and eliminate unnecessary global variables.

I've used Twitter for years, and I prefer the medium of microblogging as a way to quickly create snippets of the cool things I see online every day. However, there aren't many tools that allow me to visualize my tweet history and remind me of what I was doing last week. I use Twitter as a kind of diary: it's a running log of the random thoughts that occupy my mind from day-to-day.

I use a period-delimited format to organize my tweets into categories, or tags. Twitolu takes advantage of this format and creates an interactive word cloud that creates links based on these tags. I can click on tags in the word cloud and see only the tweets that match those tags. I can also group tweets into lists of Favorites and share those Favorites via email.

Twitolu is valuable to me as a means of:

  • creating a crumbtrail of links I've visited recently
  • recalling important research items or inspirational links
  • sharing cool stuff with people I know

Basic Functionality

  • Retrieve my most recent tweets (maximum of 200) from Twitter
  • Organize those tweets into categories
  • Transform each tweet into a tile with controls for sharing its content
  • Allow text searching of my most recent tweets


PLEASE NOTE: This version of Twitolu is best viewed on mobile devices.

Visit my portfolio site and UX diary to see Twitolu in action: []

Setup and Dependencies

Twitolu is simple to set up. Most of the technology for the app is JavaScript, jQuery and CSS, with a dash of PHP to connect with Twitter. You will need a Twitter Developer Account to connect to Twitter and retrieve your latest tweets in JSON format.

Twitolu cosists of five parts:

  1. index.html
  2. twitterApp.js
  3. twitterStyles.css
  4. tmhOAuth, an OAuth library written in PHP by @themattharris
  5. jQuery


The main HTML wrapper and controls are contained in this template file.

	<title>Twitolu / a twitter search app / by jani momolu anderson / front-end developer / chicago, il</title>
	<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> // This version of Twitolu is best viewd on mobile devices
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="twitterStyles.css" />
	<div class="main">
		<ul class="mainNavToggle">
			<li><a class="navToggle">&times;</a></li> //Closes the app
		<div id="tweets" class="content-section">
			<div class="tags sidebar"> 
				<h2>UX Diary</h2>
				<div class="search-box border-box"> 
					<div class="wrap border-box">
						<input id="filter" class="border-box" name="filter"> //Search box 
					<a class="searchNow border-box">Search<p id="filter-count"></p></a> //Search button
					<button class="clearSearch border-box">Reset</button>	//Reset button
					<a class="onlyFaves border-box">Show &hearts; Only</a>	//Show Only Favorites button
					<a id="toggleWordCloud" class="border-box">Word Cloud</a>	//Toggle Word Cloud button
				<div class="loading"><img src="/imx/_nav/ajax-loader.gif" /></div>
				<div id="wordCloud"></div> //Word Cloud container
			<ul class="container"></ul> //Tweet Tiles container
<script src=""></script> //jQuery file
<script type="text/javascript" src="twitterApp.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
		buildTweetList(); //Initialize Twitolu on the page


There are only a few functions that make up the front-end of Twitolu, so all of the JavaScript is contained in one JS file. View twitterApp.js


Twitolu uses less than 300 lines of CSS for page styling, so all of the CSS is contained in one stylesheet. View twitterStyles.css


Twitolu uses thmOAuth, an OAuth library written in PHP by @themattharris, to authorize a connection to Twitter and retrieve your most recent tweets in JSON format.


Twitolu uses jQuery 1.x.


Main Functions

These functions represent the major aspects of the app.

Helper Functions

I use helper functions to give me more flexibility in the UI by allowing me to invoke functionality more granularly.


Twitolu uses JSON to transform your tweets into a set of "tiles". Tiles allow you to manipulate tweets seperately or in groups.

Each tile contains:

  • the tweet text content
  • the tweet category, or tag
  • a link to mark the tweet as a Favorite
  • a Send link to share the tweet as an email
  • the URL contained in the tweet
  • a link that takes the user back to the top of the page (primarily for mobile users)
  • a "shade" which adds a tint to the background color of the tile (for aesthetics)


buildTweets(tweetLink, tweetText, tweetTag)

This function accepts three arguments:

  • tweetLink: The URL contained in the tile
  • tweetText: The text content of the tile (minus the tweetLink)
  • tweetTag: The category, or tag, of the tile

This function performs the following operations:

  • Transform each tweet into a tile
  • Group several tiles as Favorites
  • Send the content of each tile as an email
  • Send a group of Favorites as a single email
  • Create category links that will search for all tiles that match that category
buildTweets = function(tweetLink, tweetText, tweetTag){	
	var tweet = tweetText.replace(tweetLink,'');
	if (tweetTag.length >= 30) {
		tweetTag = '';
	} else {
		tweetTag = tweetTag;
	$('#tweets .container').append('<li class="tweetItem">' 
		+ '<p>' + tweet + '</p><span>'
		+ '<div class="table">'
		+ '<a class="gotoTop">&uarr;</a>'
		+ '<a class="favoriteLink">&hearts;</a>'
		+ '<a class="shareLink">Send</a>'
		+ '<a class="tag">' + tweetTag + '</a>'
		+ '<a href="' + tweetLink + '" class="openTweet">' + tweetLink + '</a>' 
		+ '</div>'				
		+ '</span><span class="shade"></span></li>');		


Twitolu uses the thmOAuth PHP script to retrieve your latest Tweets from Twitter.

This function performs the following functions:

  • Use PHP to retrieve a list of tweets in JSON format
  • Use the first word or phrase from the tweet as the category for the tile
  • Create the link for this tile using the URL from the tweet
buildTweetList = function() {
		url: "/LINKTOYOURPROJECTROOT/twitolu/tmhOAuth-master/tweets_json.php?count=200",
		type: "GET",
		dataType: "json",
		success: function(result){
			for (i in result) {
				var tweetId = i,
					tweetText = result[i].text,
					tweetTag = result[i].text.split('. ')[0],
					tweetURLS = result[i].entities.urls;
				for (x in tweetURLS) {
					var tweetLink = tweetURLS[x].url;
					buildTweets(tweetLink, tweetText, tweetTag);				
				$('#tweets .container').show();
		error: function(err){
			alert("Error with JSON");


Twitolu's search functionality is based on a DOM search. Accepts the argument elem, representing the wrapped set of tiles on which to perform the search.

  • Create an event handler for hitting the RETURN/ENTER button
  • Create an event handler for the SEARCH button
  • Read the value of the seach field
  • Run a case-insensitive regular expression on each tile for that value
  • Toggle the visibility on tiles that match the regex
  • Show the number of tiles that match the search
  • Create an event handler to clear the search results
searchInit = function (elem) {
	$('input').keypress(function (evt) {
		var charCode = evt.charCode || evt.keyCode;
		if (charCode == 13) { 
	$('.searchNow').click(function () {
		var filter = $('#filter').val(),
				count = 0;
		$(elem).each(function () {
			if ($(this).text().search(new RegExp(filter, "i")) < 0) {
			} else {
		var numberItems = count;
		return false;


Creates a jQuery-wrapped set of elements in which to limit the search. Accepts the argument tag, representing the category of each tweet.

This funtion performs the following operations:

  • Search all tweets for an instance of tag
  • Toggle "active" and "inactive" states on tweets that contain tag
searchByTag = function(tag){ 
	var count = 0;
	$('.content li:not(:contains(' + tag + '))').each(function(){
	$('.content li:contains(' + tag + ')').each(function(){
	$('.tags a').each(function(){
		if ( $(this).attr('rel') !== tag && $(this).hasClass('active') === false){
		} else {


A helper function involved in creating the word cloud. THIS WILL PROBABLY BE DEPRICATED IN THE NEXT VERSION.

createWordCloud = function(){
	var cloud = [],
		cloud2 = [];
	$('.tweetItem p').each(function(){
		var x = $(this).text().split('.')[0];
	var last = cloud[0];
	for (var i=1; i<cloud.length; i++) {
	   if (cloud[i] == last) {
	   last = cloud[i];


Accepts the argument shareContent, representing the tiles you wish to share via email.

This funciton performs the following operations:

  • Encode the URLs in shareContent for email
  • Open the user's default email program
  • Create an email with the Subject and Body populated with shareContent
emailTweets = function(shareContent){	
	var content = encodeURIComponent(shareContent);
	window.location = 'mailto:' 
		+ ' ' 
		+ '?subject=' + 'Cool Stuff from Twitolu'
		+ '&body=Twitolu says:' 
		+ '%0D%0A%0D%0A-----%0D%0A%0D%0A'
		+ content
		+ '%0D%0A%0D%0A-----%0D%0A%0D%0A' 

toggleFavorites($_elem, activeClass)

Accepts the arguments $_elem and activeClass:

  • $_elem: a selected tile
  • activeClass: the CSS class you wish to use as the active class for $_elem
toggleFavorites = function ($_elem, activeClass){
	var $_thisParent = $_elem.closest('.tweetItem');	
	if ($_thisParent.hasClass(activeClass) == false){
	} else {
	if ($('.favorite').size()==1){
		$('.favorite .shareLink').html('Send');		
	else if ($('.favorite').size()>1){
		$('.favorite .shareLink').html('Send All &hearts;');
	} else {


Accepts the argument $_this, representing the selected tile.

shareFavorites = function($_this){
	var tweetsToSend = [],
  		tweetContent = $_this.closest('.tweetItem').text().replace('%20%E2%86%91%E2%99%A5Send','');
	function closeMe(){
	if ($('.favorite, #zerostate').length <= 0){		
		var shareContent = tweetContent;
	} else {
			var	tweetContent = $(this).find('p').text();
			var	tweetContentLink = $(this).find('.openTweet').attr('href');	
			tweetsToSend.push([tweetContent + tweetContentLink]);			
		var x = tweetsToSend.join('\n\n').toString();		


Initializes most of the event listeners on the page. This methodology allows Twitolu to bootstrap these controls when DOM elements load asnycronously.

appInit = function(){
	searchInit('#tweets li:not(.cloud)');		
		$('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, "slow");		
	$('#tweets li').each(function(){
	    $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, "slow");	


A helper function which initializes Twitolu's word cloud functionality

cloudInit = function(){
    $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, "slow");	


A helper function which resets the application to its zero state.

clearSearch = function() {
	$('.tags .content').empty();


A helper function that hides the word cloud. Accepts the argument cloudLinks, representing the jQuery-wrapped set of tags.

showWordCloud = function(cloudLinks) {


A helper function that hides the word cloud. Accepts the argument cloudLinks, representing the jQuery-wrapped set of tags.

hideWordCloud = function(cloudLinks) {


Toggles the visibility of word cloud. Accepts the argument cloudLinks, representing the jQuery-wrapped set of tags.

toggleWordCloud = function(cloudLinks){
	if ($(cloudLinks).hasClass('visible')==true) {
	} else {


Sorts and counts the items in the word cloud and accepts arr as an argument, representing the array of items retrieved as tags from the tweet list. THIS WILL BE REPLACED WITH LESS BLOATED CODE IN THE NEXT VERSION.

countCloudItems = function (arr) {
  var a = [], 
  b = [], 
	theCloud = [];
  for ( var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++ ) {
      if ( arr[i] !== prev ) {
      } else {	
      prev = arr[i];
	theNewCloud = [];
	for (i in theCloud[0].words){ 
		  theNewCloud.push({id:theCloud[0].words[i], value:theCloud[1].count[i]});
    theNewCloud.sort(function(a, b) { return b.value - a.value });    
    for (i in theNewCloud){
	    if (theNewCloud[i].value <= 1) {	    
	    } else {
  			$('#wordCloud').append('<div class="cloud">'
    			+ theNewCloud[i].id
    			+ '</div>'


Hides all tiles that are NOT marked as Favorites.

showOnlyFavoirties = function(){


A helper function that generates a random color for the background of a tile. Accepts the argument elem, representing the DOM element you want to add the color to. The original code for this function from Paul Irish can be found here.

NEWchangeMeToRandomColor = function(elem){
	var randomColor = '#'+Math.floor(Math.random()*16777215).toString(16); 
	var bgcolor = (!bgcolor) ? randomColor : bgcolor ;
	$(elem).css({'background-color': bgcolor});		


I created this app to help me organize, visualize and socialize my Twitter feed.






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