Basic jekyll setup with search via json
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Jekyll search

Basic Jekyll setup with search via JSON.

Version history

Version no. Description Date
0.3 Support for collections 13 March 2014
0.2.1 Used built-in jsonify filter (thanks to davekinkead) 25 September 2014
0.2 Used built-in ruby JSON (thanks to mrvdb) 20th May 2014
0.1 First draft 24th February 2014


Use on an existing Jekyll installation (

  • Place _plugins, feeds, search and scripts directories in root of jekyll installation
  • Add url: to _config.yml


  • To omit a page or post from search add search_omit: true to YAML Front Matter


  • To run locally use local domain as url in _config.yml e.g. url: http://localhost:4000
  • jQuery library is included in /search/index.html - Remove if not needed, or move to <head> if preferred