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from main import *
class WeeklyPicks(TemplatePage):
cacheName = "WeeklyPicks"
def generateContent(self):
output = []
output.append( """<h2> Weekly picks <a href=""><img src="/content/rss-64.png" alt="Weekly picks" height="25"/></a> </h2>
Our weekly picks, crossposted from <a href=""> -- the blog</a>.
for entry in Post.gql("WHERE tags IN :1 ORDER BY timestamp_created DESC LIMIT 150", ['Weekly Picks']):
output.append( """ <div class="planetbox">
<div class="planethead">
<h2><a href="%(link)s" title="%(title)s">%(title)s</a></h2>
<div class="planetsubtitle">Posted %(tcreated)s.
<div class="planettags"> """ % {"link":html_escape(, "title":html_escape(entry.title), "homepage":html_escape(entry.homepage), "tcreated":entry.printShortTime_created()} )
output.append( """ </div>
<div class="planetbody">
<p> """ )
output.append( entry.content )
output.append( """ </p> </div> </div> """ )
return "".join(output)