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t6 - Connect real world Object & Devices to Digital Api

t6 is a "Data-first" IoT platform to connect physical Objects with time-series DB and perform Data Analysis. Please referes to in case you would like to help :-)

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IoT and Physical World

Physical World are composed by your sensors and actuators, real physical Objects/Devices. In t6, physical Objects needs* a virtual Object as a reference in t6 and then, they are able to add Data to Flows.

* : remain optional

Sample nodeMCU and Arduino scripts are available in the sensors repository and on t6iot Arduino library.

t6 API first: Live, eat, and breathe the API-first lifestyle of t6

Detailed Api documentation will help you to connect your sensors to t6. Installing t6 on your own server is easy, follow the installation guide on Wiki page. More detailed explanation on wiki is also available.

t6 schematic

    Object->>t6 Sockets: basic auth
    t6 Sockets-->>Object: welcome message
    t6 Sockets-->>Object: claim request
    Object->>t6 Sockets: claim Object
    t6 Sockets-->>Object: claimed
    loop As many as wished
        Object->>t6 Sockets: channel subscribe
        Object->>t6 Sockets: channel unsubscribe
        t6 Sockets-->>Object: channels

    User->>+Object: Http GET /index
    Object-->>+User: html Ui and assets
    User->>t6 Sockets: Http /unsubscribe
    t6 Sockets-->>User: channels

    loop Custom frequency
        t6 Sockets->>Object: measureRequest
        Object-->>t6 Rest Api: Http POST /api/v2.0.1/data
        Object-->>t6 Sockets: remindMeToMeasure

t6 Android Application

t6 is available on the Android Google Play Store for free. This Application is using exactly the same code and Api from this repository.

Some additional Application screenshots.

Helping and contributing to t6

Please refers to in case you would like to help & contribute :-)