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(in-package #:manardb)
(defmacro define-lisp-object-to-mptr ()
`(defun-speedy lisp-object-to-mptr (obj)
"Stores the object OBJ in the memory mapped datastore and returns the mptr referring to it"
(typecase obj
(mm-object (ptr obj))
(t (box-object obj)))))
(define-lisp-object-to-mptr) ;; should be redefined after box-object is
;; defined, which needs many types to be
;; defined, in a circular fashion
(defmacro with-constant-tag-for-class ((tagsym classname) &body body)
(check-type tagsym symbol)
(check-type classname symbol)
(let ((class (find-class classname)))
(ensure-finalize-inheritance class)
(let ((tag (mm-metaclass-tag class)))
(check-type tag mtag)
(eval-when (:load-toplevel :compile-toplevel :execute)
(assert (= ,tag ,(mm-metaclass-tag (find-class classname)))
() "The tag for classname ~A has changed; compiled code may be invalid" ',classname))
(symbol-macrolet ((,tagsym ,tag))
(defun-speedy force-mptr (obj)
(etypecase obj
(mptr obj)
(mm-object (ptr obj))))
(defun-speedy mptr (obj)
"If OBJ is already an integer, return it. If it is a memory mapped object, return the MPTR corresponding to it.
Otherwise, raise an error."
(force-mptr obj))
(defun-speedy force-tag (obj)
(etypecase obj
(mtag obj)
(mtagmap (mm-metaclass-tag (mtagmap-class obj)))
(symbol (mm-metaclass-tag (find-class obj)))
(mm-metaclass (mm-metaclass-tag obj))
(mm-object (mptr-tag (ptr obj)))
(mptr (mptr-tag obj))))
(defmethod finalize-inheritance :after ((class mm-metaclass))
(setup-mtagmap-for-metaclass class)
(setup-default-metaclass-functions class)
(defun metaclass-default-walker-form (class)
(let ((offsets (loop for slot in (class-slots class)
when (slot-definition-mmap-pointer-p slot)
collect (slot-value slot 'offset))))
(when offsets
`(lambda (mptr walker-func)
(declare (type mm-walk-func walker-func))
,@(loop for offset in offsets collect
`(let ((p (+ mptr ,(ash offset +mtag-bits+))))
(funcall walker-func (dw (mptr-pointer p)) p 1)))))))
(defun metaclass-default-instantiator-form (class)
`(lambda (index)
(declare (optimize speed) (type mindex index))
(let ((instance (allocate-instance ,class)))
(setf (%ptr instance) (make-mptr ,(mm-metaclass-tag class) index))
,@(loop for s in (class-slots class)
unless (slot-definition-memory-mapped s)
when (slot-definition-initfunction s)
collect `(setf (slot-value instance ',(slot-definition-name s)) (funcall ,(slot-definition-initfunction s))))
(defun slot-definition-initform-mm-zerop (slotd)
(cond ((not (slot-definition-initfunction slotd)))
((constantp (slot-definition-initform slotd))
(multiple-value-bind (val failed)
(ignore-errors (eval (slot-definition-initform slotd)))
(unless failed
(cond ((slot-definition-mm-boxing slotd)
(eq nil val))
((slot-definition-mm-write-convertor slotd)
((numberp val)
(= val 0))))))))
(defun metaclass-allocator-form (class)
"Returns a lambda-form that allocates a new object, and sets all memory mapped slots to their default values unless they are going to be overridden by the initargs"
`(lambda (instance initargs)
(declare (dynamic-extent initargs) (optimize speed) (ignorable initargs))
(setf (%ptr instance) (make-mptr ,(mm-metaclass-tag class)
(mtagmap-alloc (mtagmap ,(mm-metaclass-tag class)) ,(mm-metaclass-len class))))
,@(let* ((slots (loop for s in (class-slots class)
(slot-definition-memory-mapped s)
(not (slot-definition-initform-mm-zerop s))
(slot-definition-initargs s))
collect s))
(gensyms (loop for s in slots collect (gensym (princ-to-string (slot-definition-name s)))))
(params (remove-duplicates (loop for s in slots appending (slot-definition-initargs s))))
(cases (loop for p in params collect
`(,p ,@(loop for s in slots
for g in gensyms
when (member p (slot-definition-initargs s))
collect `(setf ,g t))))))
(when slots
`((let ,gensyms
(loop for arg in initargs by #'cddr
do (case arg
,@(loop for s in slots
for g in gensyms
`(unless ,g
(funcall (the mm-slot-definition-writer ,(slot-definition-writer-function s))
(funcall ,(slot-definition-initfunction s)) instance)))))))
(defun setup-default-metaclass-functions (class)
(loop for slot in (class-slots class) do
(when (slot-definition-memory-mapped slot)
(mm-effective-slot-definition-setup slot)))
(flet ((maybe-compile (form)
(when form
(compile nil form))))
(with-slots (default-walker default-instantiator allocator)
(setf default-walker
(maybe-compile (metaclass-default-walker-form class))
(compile nil
(metaclass-default-instantiator-form class))
(compile nil
(metaclass-allocator-form class))))))
(defun mm-metaclass-filename (class)
(assert (class-name class) (class) "Cannot mmap anonymous classes.") ; is possible but not implemented or sensible(?)
(check-type (class-name class) symbol)
:name (flet ((clean (str)
(remove-if-not #'alphanumericp str)))
(let ((name (class-name class)))
(concatenate 'string (clean (package-name (symbol-package name)))
"-" (clean (symbol-name name)))))))
(defun mm-metaclass-pathname (class)
(mm-metaclass-filename class)
(declaim (ftype (function (mm-metaclass &optional mindex) mptr) mm-metaclass-alloc))
(defun-speedy mm-metaclass-alloc (class &optional (amount 1))
(declare (type mindex amount))
(make-mptr (mm-metaclass-tag class)
(mtagmap-alloc (mm-metaclass-mtagmap class)
(* amount (mm-metaclass-len class)))))
(defun mm-metaclass-custom-function (class slot
&optional (default-slot
(let ((*package* #.*package*))
(alexandria:symbolicate 'default- slot))))
(typecase (slot-value class slot)
(slot-value class default-slot))
(list (let ((f (first (slot-value class slot))))
(or (ignore-errors (alexandria:ensure-function f)) f)))))
(defun setup-mtagmap-for-metaclass (class)
(when (zerop (mm-metaclass-len class))
(warn "Pointlessly memory mapping a class with zero length objects: ~A" class))
(with-slots (tag mtagmap)
(unless tag
(let ((existing
(loop for m across *mtagmaps*
for a from 0
(when (and m (equalp (class-name class) (class-name (mtagmap-class m))))
(setf tag (or existing
(assert tag (*mtagmaps*) "No more tags available (too many types defined in the memory mapped datastore).")))
(unless (mtagmap tag)
(setf (mtagmap tag)
(setf (mtagmap-layout (mtagmap tag)) (mm-metaclass-slot-layout class)))
(assert-class-slot-layout class (mtagmap-layout (mtagmap tag)) :finalize nil)
(setf mtagmap (mtagmap tag)
(mtagmap-class mtagmap) class))
(defun-speedy mm-metaclass-initialize-alloc (class instance initargs)
(declare (dynamic-extent initargs) (type mm-metaclass class))
(funcall (the function (slot-value class 'allocator))
instance initargs))
(defmethod initialize-instance :before ((instance mm-object) &rest initargs)
(declare (optimize speed) (dynamic-extent initargs))
(let ((class (class-of instance)))
(mm-metaclass-initialize-alloc class instance initargs)))
(defun always-true (&rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(defun slot-definition-mm-type (slotd)
(if (stored-cffi-type (slot-definition-type slotd))
(slot-definition-type slotd)
(defun slot-definition-mm-boxing (slotd)
(eq (slot-definition-mm-type slotd) 'mm-box))
(defun slot-definition-mm-read-convertor (slotd)
(cond ((slot-definition-mm-boxing slotd)
(defun slot-definition-mm-write-convertor (slotd)
(cond ((slot-definition-mm-boxing slotd)
(defun slot-definition-mm-read-form (slotd raw-access-form)
(let ((c (slot-definition-mm-read-convertor slotd)))
(if c `(,c ,raw-access-form)
(defun slot-definition-mm-write-form (slotd raw-write-form new-val-sym)
(let ((c (slot-definition-mm-write-convertor slotd)))
(cond (c
`(let ((,new-val-sym (,c ,new-val-sym))) ;; note that (lisp-object-to-mptr new-val) can invalidate the current pointer
(defun mm-effective-slot-definition-lambda-forms (slotd)
(let* (
(offset (slot-value slotd 'offset))
(slot-definition-mm-type slotd))
`(d ,(if (zerop offset) `(mm-object-pointer object)
`(cffi:inc-pointer (mm-object-pointer object) ,offset)) 0
,(if (eq type 'mm-box)
(slot-definition-mm-read-form slotd raw-access-form))
`(declare (optimize speed))))
`(lambda (object)
`(lambda (new-val object)
,(slot-definition-mm-write-form slotd `(setf ,raw-access-form new-val) 'new-val)
(defun mm-effective-slot-definition-setup (slotd)
(with-slots (offset)
(check-type offset mindex)
(multiple-value-bind (reader writer)
(mm-effective-slot-definition-lambda-forms slotd)
(setf (slot-definition-reader-function slotd)
(compile nil
(slot-definition-writer-function slotd)
(compile nil
#- (and)
(slot-definition-boundp-function #'always-true)))
(defun mm-slot-offset (class slotname)
(let* ((class (force-class class))
(slotd (find slotname (class-slots class) :key #'slot-definition-name)))
(assert slotd)
(assert (slot-definition-memory-mapped slotd))
(slot-value slotd 'offset)))
(defmacro with-raw-slot ((slotname classname &key (accessor-name slotname))
object-pointer &body body &environment env)
(let ((class (find-class classname t env)))
(ensure-finalize-inheritance class)
(let* (
(slotd (or (find slotname (class-slots class) :key #'slot-definition-name)
(error "Class ~A has no slot ~A" classname slotname)))
(offset (slot-value slotd 'offset))
(slot-type (slot-definition-type slotd))
(d-slot-type (if (stored-cffi-type slot-type) slot-type 'mptr)))
(alexandria:with-gensyms (apointer)
`(let ((,apointer (cffi:inc-pointer ,object-pointer ,offset)))
(declare (type machine-pointer ,apointer))
(symbol-macrolet ((,accessor-name
(d ,apointer 0 ,d-slot-type)))
(defmacro with-pointer-slots (slotnames (object-pointer classname) &body body)
(alexandria:once-only (object-pointer)
(labels ((r (slotnames)
(if slotnames
`(with-raw-slot (,(first slotnames) ,classname)
,(r (rest slotnames)))
`(locally ,@body))))
(r slotnames))))
(defun mm-metaclass-slot-layout (class)
(ensure-finalize-inheritance class)
(let ((slots (class-slots class)))
(loop for s in slots
when (slot-definition-memory-mapped s)
collect `(,(slot-definition-name s) ,(slot-value s 'offset) ,(stored-type-size (slot-definition-type s))
,@(when (slot-definition-mmap-pointer-p s) `(:mmap-pointer t))))))
(defun layout-compatible-p (a b)
(flet ((sort-layout (layout)
(sort (copy-list layout) #'> :key #'second)))
(mapcar #'rest (sort-layout a))
(mapcar #'rest (sort-layout b)))))
(defun ensure-finalize-inheritance (class)
(let ((class (force-class class)))
(unless (class-finalized-p class)
(finalize-inheritance class))))
(defun assert-class-slot-layout (class layout &key (finalize t))
(when finalize
(ensure-finalize-inheritance class))
(cassert (layout-compatible-p layout (mm-metaclass-slot-layout class)) ()
"Layout for class ~A has changed from ~A" class layout))
(defmacro check-class-slot-layout (classname &optional (layout (mm-metaclass-slot-layout (find-class classname))))
`(assert-class-slot-layout (find-class ',classname) ',layout))
(defmacro defmmclass (name direct-supers direct-slots &rest options)
"Define a memory mapped class, like defclass.
Automatically adds :metaclass mm-metaclass to options, if it is not
present, finalizes the class immediately, and puts in an assertion
that the class layout in the loaded datastore is compatible."
(eval-when (:load-toplevel :execute :compile-toplevel)
(defclass ,name ,direct-supers ,direct-slots
,@(if (assoc :metaclass options)
`((:metaclass mm-metaclass) ,@options)))
(ensure-finalize-inheritance ',name))
(eval-when (:execute)
(check-class-slot-layout ,name))
(find-class ',name)))
(defun tree-to-atoms-or-strings (tree)
(typecase tree
(integer tree)
(null tree)
(loop for i in tree collect (tree-to-atoms-or-strings i)))
(princ-to-string tree))))
(defun mm-metaclass-schema (class)
(mm-metaclass-filename class)
(mm-metaclass-tag class)
(mm-metaclass-slot-layout class)))))
(defmacro with-cached-slots (slots instance &body body)
"Like with-slots, but each slot is only read from the datastore once.
It is written to the datastore immediately after every write, and the
cached version becomes the value written (not the value as serialised
and deserialised).
This is an optimization to stop repeatedly instantiating slots into
Lisp memory. Note that it also useful because it preserves
non-persistent slots of objects stored in SLOTS of INSTANCE over their
lexical scope."
(alexandria:with-unique-names (new-val)
(let* ((tmps (loop for s in slots do (check-type s symbol) collect (gensym (symbol-name s))))
(funcs (loop for tmp in tmps collect tmp collect `(setf ,tmp)))
(ffuncs (loop for f in funcs collect `(function ,f))))
(alexandria:once-only (instance)
`(let ,(loop for tmp in tmps
for s in slots
collect `(,tmp (slot-value ,instance ',s))
(flet ,(loop for tmp in tmps for s in slots
`(,tmp () ,tmp)
`((setf ,tmp) (,new-val)
(setf ,tmp (setf (slot-value ,instance ',s) ,new-val))))
(declare (inline ,@funcs)
(ignorable ,@ffuncs)
(dynamic-extent ,@ffuncs))
,(loop for s in slots for tmp in tmps collect
`(,s (,tmp)))
(defmethod print-object ((object mm-object) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (object stream :type t)
(let ((ptr (ptr object)))
(format stream " M@~D(~D:~D)" ptr (mptr-tag ptr) (mptr-index ptr)))))
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