An RPG written in Java using LibGDX and Box2D. Maps loaded from Tiled and sprites / animations from .png / .xml /.json
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Ruins of Revenge

RuinsOfRevenge RuinsOfRevenge

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What is this?

This is a game written in Java, using a graphics and game library "LibGDX", Riven's and MatthiasM's "Continuation and Green Threads" library, and LibGDX's port of Box2D. It is supposed to be a RPG with Physical elements.

How to clone and run

This is pretty simple with eclipse: (If you have egit) clone this repository using File -> Import then search for "Projects from Git". If that option is not available for you, then it's likely that either your egit plugin is outdated or you don't even have it installed.

To run this game, you now need to create a new Run Configuration (Run -> Run Configurations... then right click on "Java Application" -> New...) and choose a name (for example "RuinsOfRevenge"). Don't forget to set the project and main class (org.matheusdev.ror.RuinsOfRevenge). Now go to the "Arguments" Tab and add this to the "VM-arguments": -javaagent:lib/continuations/continuations-agent.jar

Thats it!

You can now run the RuinsOfRevenge run configuration! :)


This project is distributed with the common form of the MIT License. More information in the LICENSE file.

Also have a look at the licenses inside the lib/ folder:

  • license-riven
  • license-matthiasm
  • license-libgdx
  • cc-license-libgdx
  • license-asm

Credit to Hanzo Kimura, Alisa Tana, 'Benben', 'COAD', 'Mack', 'akuzino-ihcikie', 'Venetia', 'Inq' and 'Hypersnake22' for the tileset. Credit to 'Famitsu' for the Character Images and '0circle0' for the Sprite Creator.