Harnessing Geometric Frustration to Form Band Gaps in Acoustic Networks
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Harnessing Geometric Frustration Code

Supporting Information to: "Harnessing Geometric Frustration to Form Band Gaps in Acoustic Networks"

By: Pai Wang, Yue Zheng, Matheus C. Fernandes, Yushen Sun, Kai Xu, Sijie Sun, Sung Hoon Kang, Vincent Tournat, Katia Bertoldi.


Harvard University, February 2017

Notes: Run the function as is and use ABAQUS input files for geometry definitions. Please refer to the .inp for the format requested. This code will only work with 1D geometries with specified Block-type boundary conditions. For the numerical deptiction of this code, please refer to the supplemental section of the article.

Corresponding code author: m@fer.me

If there are any suggestions on corrections or added features please create a pull request.

Matlab version tested: 2016b