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Decred Split Ticket Matcher Service & Client
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matheusd daemon: Allow running without wallet
This changes the daemon such that a wallet connection will only be
started if required by the appropriate config.

This allows the daemon to run without requiring a corresponding hot
wallet if possible.
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DCR Split Ticket Matcher Service

Build Status

Software for decred holders to buy only a fraction of a ticket, enabling more individuals to participate in the decision making process. This is done in a (mostly) trustless way, such that the funds used do not leave the control of its owner.

Currently in beta stage.

See it in action:

video - 10 way split transaction.

video - poc of multiple decrediton instances in split ticket

Published Testnet tx

Testnet ticket w/ revocation

Mainnet ticket


Join the Second Phase of Beta.

Design & Technical Aspects.

Building & Running the software

Roadmap to Production

  • Add testing for the various parts of the app (ongoing)
  • Integrate to official wallets
  • Plug all fee drain avenues
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