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Build using go 1.11 and go modules.

Before building the GUI client, you'll probably need some gtk headers installed (see below for Windows instructions):

# fedora
$ sudo dnf install gtk2-devel

# debian/ubuntu
$ sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libgtksourceview2.0-dev

For everything else, follow the standard instructions as other decred projects. This project is using go modules, so you should preferably build outside of your $GOPATH.

$ git clone
$ cd dcr-split-ticket-matcher
$ go build ./cmd/...

Windows Build

For a Windows build you should use MSYS2. Follow the instructions at the GTK Website (download and install MSYS2, then install GTK via pacman).

On an MSYS2 shell, export the following environment variable:

$ export CGO_LDFLAGS_ALLOW="-Wl,-luuid"

Then proceed using the usual build instructions for a go 1.11+ project.

Running the Client

See instructions about command line client or the GUI client.

Running the Service

Copy the configuration file to the respective dir and configure it:

$ mkdir -p ~/.dcrstmd
$ cp samples/dcrstmd.conf ~/.dcrstmd

Run the executable. During development, it is easier to do the following:

$ go run cmd/dcrstmd/main.go

Run with --publishtransactions to automatically publish the split and ticket transactions once a session is successfully finished.