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Elf Music App: a command-line music player for quickly evaluating songs
C++ QMake
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ElfMApp is an application designed for evaluating songs on command-line.

The available options are as follows:

  -n, --next <integer displacement = 1>     Advances to next song
  -b, --back <integer displacement = 1>     Plays the previous song
  -r, --rate <floating-point rate = 1.0>    Changes playback rate
  -q, --quit                                Exits the program
  -z, --adv <floating-point seconds = 5.0>  Forwards current song by some
  -x, --rew <floating-point seconds = 5.0>  Rewinds current song by some
  -d, --rm                                  Deletes current song from drive
  -., --redo                                Repeats last command
  -l, --list                                Lists current playlist
  -s, --select <integer index>              Selects specific song from playlist
  -i, --info                                Shows information about current
  -h, --help                                Displays this help message


  • Beginning the program
$ ./elfmapp Venture2.mp3  Venture.mp3  "Village Dance.mp3"  "Village Fate.mp3"  "Village Life.mp3"  Voyage.mp3

Playing song 0

Now Playing:
	Title:     "Venture2"
	Duration:  3m 21s 874ms
  • Listing songs being evaluated

Listing songs
0: Venture2
1: Venture
2: Village Dance
3: Village Fate
4: Village Life
5: Voyage
  • Advancing to next song

Playing song 1

Now Playing:
	Title:     "Venture"
	Duration:  3m 11s 555ms
  • Changing playback rate
-r 1.5

Setting rate to 1.5

Now Playing:
	Title:     "Venture"
	Duration:  3m 11s 555ms
  • Returning to normal playback rate

Setting rate to 1

Now Playing:
	Title:     "Venture"
	Duration:  3m 11s 555ms
  • Showing info of song being played

	Title:    "Venture"
	Position: 0m 24s 796ms / 3m 11s 555ms
  • Selecting song from the list
-s 5

Playing song 5

Now Playing:
	Title:     "Voyage"
	Duration:  3m 0s 741ms

Default values for commands

Command Default Value
-n, --next 1
-b, --back 1
-r, --rate 1.0
-z, --adv 5.0
-x, --rew 5.0
-s, --select None


QtCreator in a system with support for the multimedia module and for c++11 should be able to build this project.

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