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Arduino game for Sparkfun's ProtoSnap

Sparkfun DesignWest 2013 Challenge

Author: Mathew Fleisch

Title: The "Hello World" Morse Code Game

This program uses Sparkfun's ProtoSnap board or other Arduino board with a button, buzzer, and rgb led attached to the specified pins below. The concept of the program is to input morse code via a button, and have a function encode, then decode a sequence of 1-5 button presses into an english character. The letter is then printed to the serial monitor and a green light blips, if a character is correctly identified; a red light blips and an error is printed to the serial monitor, if no match was found. To make game around only using the board, a user can spell "hello world" and a different tone will play, as well as a chromatic- like tone-blips as each letter is spelled correctly. If the user spells the target word (target because you the programmer, can change "hello world" to any other string of chars) incorrectly, they have to start at the beginning of the game, with the first letter.

Note: My button and RGB LED were both backwards via code, so you might need to adjust some variables to get your board to work correctly. (0 == Pressed, 1 == Not Pressed for buttons; and HIGH on the RGB LED meant off in my tests) I included comments and left the important traces commented out in the following code, so that you can debug the code easier, for your system.

I don't know morse code, and this is my first project, so I apologize if I accidentally duplicated somebody else's game/program and/or if I did something silly or wrong. I hope you enjoy and can rerun my code on your own board.




Arduino game for Sparkfun's ProtoSnap



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