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DEF CON 26 Schedule

Currently this script scrapes the def con schedule and extracts the data into a json object. The json object that is generated is saved to a hard-coded file named conference.json. I also built a simple UI for the data to be displayed and it is currently hosted at GitHub Pages. The layout is mobile responsive and uses the color pallet of the original site.


npm install

# Possible DEBUG_LEVEL levels
#   - DEBUG_LEVEL=DEBUG  # show errors, warnings, info and debug
#   - DEBUG_LEVEL=INFO   # show errors, warnings, and info
#   - DEBUG_LEVEL=WARN   # show errors and warnings
#   - DEBUG_LEVEL=ERROR  # only show errors
#   - DEBUG_LEVEL=LOG    # Default

# The MINIFIED environment variable is a boolean (default: FALSE)
# that sets whether the output conference.json contains new-lines
# and tabbing or not.
# Minified: 295K
# Standard: 317K

# The AS_JS_OB environment variable is a boolean (default: FALSE)
# that saves a stringified JSON object to a js file under the global
# window.conf scope. Passing false will generate a json file.

Example Data

Below is an example of how the conference object looks. It is split up into two main sections: speakers, and talks. Each speaker is keyed by a slug of the user's last name followed by any other names. This sorts the speakers by last name within their internal ids. Each talk is keyed by a slug of the title, which sorts them alphabetically. There is a speakers array in each of the 'talks' which can be used to look up bio/title for each user. Time/location information is extracted with regular expression string matching into individual fields. In the case that time/location data cannot be extracted, a 'rawDetails' field is retained for every talk. After the time/location data, the website sometimes shows category information about the talk (i.e. whether it is a demo, exploit or some combination of a few others). I have transformed this csv string as an array of strings named 'tags.' Finally the abstract of each talk contains the original html to preserve paragraph formatting.

"conference": {
    "speakers": {
        "adams-nathan": {
            "name": "Nathan Adams",
            "title": "Systems Engineer, Forensic Bioinformatic Services",
            "bio": "Biography text..."
    "talks": {
        "youre-just-complaining-because-youre-guilty-a-def-con-guide": {
            "speakers": [
            "title": "You're just complaining because you're guilty: A DEF CON Guide to...",
            "fullDate": "Sat 11 Aug 2018 10:00:00 AM PDT",
            "date": "2018.08.11",
            "day": "Saturday",
            "start": "10:00",
            "duration": 45,
            "location": "Track 2",
            "tags": [
            "rawDetails": "Saturday at 10:00 in Track 2 45 minutes | Demo",
            "abstract": "Description about this talk..."


Schedule page

Schedule page (talk expanded)

Speakers page

Mobile Schedule page

Mobile Schedule page (talk expanded)

Mobile Speakers page



I didn't like the DEF CON schedule page, so I built a new one.



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