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Rental Coding Challenge

The solution to this challenge was written in PHP and Javascript. It is temporarily hosted on my website and the source on github; after the interview process is over, I will remove these sources. I developed two views to showcase the application within the branded website framework, and another that highlights the underlying code, with default styling. Both the styled and stand-alone versions are mobile responsive and use Bootstrap as a base.


  • Click & Drag the Bedroom/Bathroom sliders or type the value within the corresponding text-box until they match the desired values. Pressing the up/down keys in the text-boxes will also make the slider values increase/decrease.
  • If no square-footage is entered, the average price of that category is displayed in "suggested price" section, by default. Entering a square-footage for the unit will adjust the price up or down, limited to the min/max values for that category.
  • If further context is required, the "rental data" section will automatically show the relevant data for that category. Clicking the "show all" button will display the statistics for all categories.
  • To see the suggested price for the four sample units for sale, click the buttons above the calculator to quickly toggle between the different values.


If I were to do this again, I would use a front-end framework, like AngularJS, to accomplish the same task. This would cut down on the amount of code and make it easier for multiple developers to work on the codebase. During the time allotted, I chose to prototype with js/jquery instead of the better long-term MVC option. Most of the custom/relevant code can be found in js/script.js

Third-Party Libraries