A to-do list app built with Vue.js.
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Vue To Do

A to-do list app built with Vue.js. Click here to go to app

Track your todos and boost your productivity with Vue.js!

This is a little single page app I built to continue working with and learning Vue.js. This is a simple, full stack web application that performs all CRUD operations. This app follows the MVC architectual pattern.

Using the App

Add Item | Type a list item into the input and click the "Add Item" button or press the enter key on your keyboard.

Mark Item Complete | Tap (for touchscreen) or click the checkmark on the far left side of the rendered list item.

Delete Item | Once an item has been marked complete, it can be deleted. To delete comleted items, tap or click the trash can located on the far right side of the completed list item. Completed items have a gray background and appear below active items.

Changing the Theme | When the app loads, the default light theme will be loaded. To switch to dark theme for your session, tap or click on the dark theme tab at the top of the page.

Tech Stack

  1. Node
  2. Express
  3. MySQL
  4. Vue
  5. HTML5
  6. Sass