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the Airpup kite balloon

Airpup in flight

This repository contains the 2D patterns for constructing Airpup as well as a corresponding 3D model. 2D patterns are made with QCAD, the 3D model was made in Audodesk's Fusion 360.

See more of my kite and balloon projects at


rendering of airpup

  • /rails, belly mounting rails and STLs
  • BOM.ods, Bill of Materials
  • V2-FIN.DXF, panel diagram of the fin/wing structure and attachment
  • V2-ENVELOPE.DXF, flat pattern of the balloon envelope
  • 72in-Airpup-model-v1.step/iges, full-size 3D Airpup- Envelope and belly mount are accurate, Fin pattern needs updating with transverse spar

mounting rails

The folder /rails contains CAD files and STLs for end caps and two-part slide mount: The belly mount has a sliding rail system

the rails allow quick weight adjustment

envelope construction

The envelope is a 3-gore pattern seamed in a single run:

pattern fold

envelope volume and flat patterns

Airpup's envelope volume is roughly equivalent to a sphere whose radius is 1/3 the length of an inflated Airpup.

Airpup's flat envelope pattern is 1.147 times the length of an inflated Airpup.


  • Use the 3D models to plan your payload attachement. Please reach out and share.
  • Fork this repository and improve the design or documentation.
  • Add or comment on issues in this repository.
  • show me kite and balloon stuff.

All contributors are asked to abide by the code of conduct.

Licensed under the CERN OHL 1.2.


a small kite balloon (tethered aerostat)




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