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UI Design

#Formicidae A SimAnt remake with improved graphpics and gameplay

##Update Jun 23, 2015

Having put much thought and planning into this project, the goals have changed slightly and the tech used is currently up in the air. Stay tuned for further updates


  1. Remain faithful to the original game's idea of a "scientific" ant colony simulation. The science has changed a little since the days of SimAnt, but the raison d'etre needs no alteration. This should be an "edutainment" title in the best sense of the term, like Oregon Trail or Civilization.

  2. It should be multi-player capable.

  3. Ideally there would be several different kinds of ant colonies modeled - there are significant differences between the ways Leafcutters, Argentine, and Siafu ants run their colonies, and it would be very cool for the player to be able to select their colony type and the colony types of their opponents (when playing against the computer). Goal postponed, one species will be used for primary gameplay to reduce complexity.

  4. Again, Ideally, different species (appearance, behavior, etc.) would be based on a modable system, allowing for the user community to enhance gameplay. (See note above)

  5. Animation should be engaging, but not overly distracting. Surface gameplay will play in a 3D isometrically view while undergound play will use the familar "ant farm" style layout from the original.