Find your compatible "soul mate" in a group of others who've taken the quiz
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Compatibility Test

The Compatibility Test is a Node.js, Express app that allows a user to answer some questions and get matched with a compatible friend from the saved list of friends.

Find your compatible "soul mate" in a group of others who've taken the quiz

You can find the source files at


Set Up the Application

  1. Clone this repo to your desktop and change to the compatibility-test directory. (If it's your first time to clone, check out the instructions here.
  2. Run npm install to install the app and its dependencies.

Launch the app

  1. Run node compatibility-test.js or npm start to start the server.

  2. Go to a browser and type localhost:4347 to reach the home page

  3. From there, follow the clicks as normal

Take the Test and Find a Friend

Fill out your name and include a link to a photo of you online.

Answer each question honestly. You get a better idea of a match. (Okay, the data is contrived, but still - it's fun!)

Return to the terminal (where you launched the server) to find out who your new friend is.

Next Steps

  • Create a client facing way to see the friend (in the assignment this was supposed to be a modal).
  • Include the option of uploading a photo.
  • Validate the inputs.

Needed Improvements & Commentary

I am struggling with the to's and from's of all the files involved here. I believe I have stuff in the wrong files. I like my logic for finding the best friend, but I don't think it should be in the apiRoutes.js file.

And I'm totally confused on how to make that darn modal work.

Known Bugs

  • Clearly we can't see the best friend in the browser yet. That's a must to fix.
  • Since you download and install the app locally, there's no way for you to actually save yourself as a friend option for the larger public.


A big thanks to the following folks:

  • Rachel Thiim whose repo on this exercise helped me make a little more sense of the computer's thinking.
  • Seth Gibson for fighting for 3 hours to figure out how to solve my little one-line fix (and for spending even more time with me trying to figure out how all these files talk to each other).

Copyright and License

Like it? Use it and say where you got it.

Have courage and be kind.

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