AdvancedBan Panel, an alternative to the official, can be used to exhibit punishments from Minecraft that have been created through AdvancedBan.
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AdvancedBan Panel

AdvancedBan Panel used to be known as ab-web-addon. ab-web-addon was plagued with issues despite constant updates and bug fixes. I just did not have enough time to focus on what I was doing. However, in order to fix this issue, I decided to remake ab-web-addon from scratch as AdvancedBan Panel.

The release of AdvancedBan Panel is under development at this time. Because ab-web-addon is no longer being updated, the example site has been taken down. However, I assure you that ab-web-addon works as intended in its current state. If you would like to download one of the releases for ab-web-addon while AdvancedBan Panel is under development, be sure to take a look at the links below.

  • Releases for ab-web-addon can be found here or on SpigotMC.
  • Documentation for ab-web-addon can be found on the wiki, here.