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Work in progress: one day, this will be an F# port of @gigasquid's wonderland-clojure-katas.

Alice and the tiny door

“Curiouser and curiouser!” -- ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

How to Do the Katas

First, clone or fork this repo. All the katas are located in the folder /wonderland-fsharp-katas/. Each kata is an independent, self-contained F# script, and a companion instructions file (for example, alphabet-cipher.fsx and alphabet-cipher.md). Read the instructions, open the script file in your favorite editor or IDE, select all the code (control+A) and execute it (Alt+Enter) - and fix the code until the tests pass.

Before running any of the katas, you will need to download some dependencies, using Paket. Once your have cloned or forked the project, cd .paket, and run first paket.bootstrapper.exe, then paket.exe install to install the dependencies.

If you don't have F# installed yet, follow the instructions from the use section of fsharp.org.


Copyright (c) 2015 Mathias Brandewinder, MIT License.

Original Clojure version: Copyright © 2014 Carin Meier, distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.