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Clojars Project

Boot task to compile SCSS stylesheets with the sassc compiler.

This is the README for versions 0.1.5 -- for older versions, see the tags in the GitHub repo.

Note: This is mostly-deprecated. You likely want deraen/boot-sass for compiling your SASS/SCSS instead of this task.


  • You must install the sassc compiler to use this library!
  • The sassc executable only compiles SCSS syntax, not the indent-style Sass syntax!
  • boot must be version 2.1.2 or newer

This library provides the sass task, which compiles SCSS to CSS.


Include the project:

[mathias/boot-sassc "0.1.5"]

Typically, you will have many SCSS files in your project, and one main SCSS file that @imports things in the correct order. Add your Sass source directory to your project's build.boot file:

;; in build.boot
  :dependencies '[mathias/boot-sassc   "0.1.5"]
  :resource-paths #{"sass/"})


In a terminal you can compile all .sass and .scss files in your project with:

boot sass

To compile your main SCSS file only (so that @imports happen in the right order), use the -f flag:

boot sass -f sass/main.scss

To change the filename of the output stylesheet is output to, use the -o flag:

boot sass -o application.css

To regenerate the stylesheet on changes you can use boot's generic watch task:

boot watch sass

build.boot file in your project

In your build.boot you could call it like this:

(deftask run
  "Generate CSS from SCSS and watch for future changes"
  (comp (watch) (sass)))

For examples of advanced settings in build.boot, refer to the example project.


See the boot project for more information on how to use these. By default boot-sassc will save the compiled CSS file at target/main.css.

[f sass-file           str  "Input file. If not present, all .sass & .scss files will be compiled."
 o output-dir PATH     str  "Output CSS file, path is relative to target/"
 t output-style TYPE   str  "Output style. Can be: nested, compressed."
 l line-numbers        bool "Emit comments showing original line numbers."
 g source-maps         bool "Emit source map."
 p load-path           str  "Load path for libsass. Use : for separate paths."]

Example project / demo

See for an example build.boot file.


Copyright Matt Gauger 2014.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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