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.osx: Set language and text formats

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1 parent df434ef commit 24045d9f06b06a1d25dbd7f6ebc52f6b16d9db1b @mathiasbynens committed Jun 26, 2012
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@@ -46,6 +46,14 @@ defaults write NSGlobalDomain ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false
# Set a blazingly fast keyboard repeat rate
defaults write NSGlobalDomain KeyRepeat -int 0
+# Set language and text formats
+# Note: if you’re in the US, replace `EUR` with `USD`, `Centimeters` with `Inches`, and `true` with `false`.
+defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleLanguages -array "en" "nl"
+defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleLocale -string "en_GB@currency=EUR"
oschrenk added a note Jun 27, 2012

I'm using sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences AppleLocale "de_DE"

Aside from the language itself, does this command do anything else? I mainly set mine as the login screen defaults to 12h clock format when not set to to german locale.


This command simply automates my settings in System Preferences → Language & Text → Format. Not sure what exactly that setting does and does not do, to be honest.

oschrenk added a note Jun 27, 2012

I see. Do you know if defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences references the same as defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleLocale?


Easy enough to test:

cd /tmp; defaults read /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences > a; defaults read NSGlobalDomain > b; diff a b

defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences is not the same as defaults write NSGlobalDomain (which is equivalent to defaults write -g).

oschrenk added a note Jun 28, 2012

Thanks for the clarification

sindresorhus added a note Jun 28, 2012

@mathiasbynens Tip, you can use this to skip the temp files:

diff <(defaults read /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences) <(defaults read NSGlobalDomain)

Use -y to get side-by-side and colordiff to get colors ;)


@sindresorhus Now that’s useful. Thanks!

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+defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleMeasurementUnits -string "Centimeters"
+defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleMetricUnits -bool true
# Disable auto-correct
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticSpellingCorrectionEnabled -bool false

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