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.functions: Add `dataurl` function

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1 parent 1c94b9b commit 36666d6b7214ef4537ed336ac6513ea80c15aa70 @mathiasbynens committed Mar 22, 2012
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@@ -3,6 +3,11 @@ function md() {
mkdir -p "$@" && cd "$@"
+# Create a data URL from an image (works for other file types too, if you tweak the Content-Type afterwards)
+dataurl() {
+ echo "data:image/${1##*.};base64,$(openssl base64 -in "$1")" | tr -d '\n'
# Start an HTTP server from a directory, optionally specifying the port
function server() {
local port="${1:-8000}"

3 comments on commit 36666d6

Is it better to no using openssl to allow it works in cygwin?

echo "data:image/${1##*.};base64,$(base64 -i "$1")" | tr -d '\n'

mathiasbynens replied Mar 22, 2012

base64 is not available by default on all Linux versions, so I prefer to use openssl here. I work on Linux more often than on Windows, sorry!

Oh, it's available on my ubuntu. I thought it was default included yet.

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