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Merge pull request #57 from nurtext/patch-1

.osx: Set Dock icon size
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commit 47eb874d9a6c4320dcd97bf21a48f5f95fe3d9f5 2 parents 7baa45c + c8e40aa
@mathiasbynens authored
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  1. +3 −0  .osx
3  .osx
@@ -142,6 +142,9 @@ defaults write wvous-bl-modifier -int 0
# Enable highlight hover effect for the grid view of a stack (Dock)
defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -bool true
+# Set the icon size of the Dock to 48 pixels
+defaults write tilesize -int 48
# Enable spring loading for all Dock items
defaults write enable-spring-load-actions-on-all-items -bool true
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