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.osx: Use the Pro theme by default in

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1 parent c03c541 commit 772506ca2cbc9b78d46c8ab5f5a353d3eff41c49 @mathiasbynens committed Jul 27, 2012
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@@ -333,6 +333,10 @@ defaults write DUDebugMenuEnabled -bool true
# Only use UTF-8 in
defaults write StringEncodings -array 4
+# Use the Pro theme by default in
+defaults write "Default Window Settings" -string "Pro"
+defaults write "Startup Window Settings" -string "Pro"
# Enable “focus follows mouse” for and all X11 apps
# This means you can hover over a window and start typing in it without clicking first
#defaults write FocusFollowsMouse -bool true

5 comments on commit 772506c


oschrenk commented on 772506c Jul 28, 2012

I'm using IR_Black.terminal theme. Is there any way to import the settings via command line?


mathiasbynens replied Jul 29, 2012

Sure. Just add the theme file to your dotfiles directory, then add something like open IR_Black.terminal to ~/.osx above the lines that this commit adds. Then, instead of -string "Pro" use -string "IR_Black" or whatever the name of the theme is.


oschrenk replied Jul 29, 2012

Simple solution. Thanks!


mathiasbynens replied Jul 30, 2012

See commit d141e2c for an example :)


oschrenk replied Jul 30, 2012


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